Your kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. It’s where you prepare, cook food, store food, clean dishes, have access to drinking water, and much more. Without a kitchen, you would be unable to store food efficiently and would have to eat cold food or hot food out of your home. This is why it is vital that each home has a kitchen with all of the necessary appliances. When it comes to kitchens, how you use it and what it looks like it completely up to you. Many people choose to have additional specialist appliances such as blenders, slow cookers, wine coolers, and more besides their oven, dishwasher, etc. It’s common for people to also have a seating area in their kitchen to eat, study, or for whatever you choose! It really is down to personal preference when it comes to the appearance and usage of your kitchen. If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen, there are certain considerations that need to be made to ensure you have the ideal kitchen. That’s why this post is a guide on what to consider when choosing a new kitchen design.

How large is the area where you would like your kitchen?

If you have a large family, or just prefer to have additional space whilst cooking, you may want to consider having a larger kitchen, however, this would only be possible if you had room in your home. When choosing a kitchen, consider if the room you would like the kitchen to be in has enough space for what you need, or extra work will have to be done to extend your home or extend the kitchen into another room. If you are happy with the current size of the kitchen, then all you have to consider is what can fit into the kitchen space and the layout within the kitchen space.




There’s two main things that need to be considered when it comes to appliances for your kitchen, which appliances and where to put them. In every kitchen, you’re going to need an oven, a grill, a hob, a fridge, a fridge, and a freezer. When selecting each of the specific appliances, consider the space in your kitchen, for example, if you have are planning on installing a small kitchen, then it may be best to choose a cooker with a hob, grill and oven in the same appliance to save space. The same principle applies when choosing a fridge-freezer instead of purchasing a fridge and freezer separately. If there is enough room in your kitchen for larger, more specialist appliances, then choose accordingly.

Many people also choose to have additional appliances in their kitchen if they have enough space or would regularly use the appliances. This includes warming drawers, wine coolers, a microwave, a blender, and more. If you are considering having additional appliances, consider where they can be installed and where they can be stored. If you are planning on having a small kitchen, ensure to have storage for the small appliances so that your kitchen worktops are not overcrowded. Crowded kitchen worktops can be potentially dangerous.

The last thing to consider is where to store them. Usually, once you have selected the appliances that you would like, your kitchen designer will design the kitchen so the appliances are safely placed in your kitchen, however, some designers do not take into consideration the appliances you have purchased or will leave space for integrated appliances. If your designer has left space for integrated appliances, the appliances you select for your kitchen will have to be integratable. We would advise discussing your choice of appliances when consulting with your kitchen designer.

Island or No Island



Islands are a popular trend in modern-day large kitchens. Islands can be used as a seating area, an area to wash up, or for cooking. Like kitchen design in general, the use and design for kitchen islands are completely down to preference. If you are considering an island for your kitchen, it is worth considering why you would want the island and how it would be best suited for you and others in your household. Having an island in your kitchen would only be possible if there is enough space. If you are unsure if you have enough space, discuss this with your kitchen designer.

Modern or Classic

The last consideration to make is completely down to preference. Modern kitchens usually appear more spacious and are constructed with various metals or plastics in a variety of colours. The spacious appearance comes from the reflections in the materials used to create the doors. Modern kitchen designs can also come in a variety of patterns or designs alternatively to colours. On the other hand, classic kitchens are usually styled in basic colours and the doors have a wood-like appearance. Similarly to modern kitchens, classic kitchens usually also come in a variety of colours. Most kitchen worktop types look incredible with both types of kitchen designs and can be chosen based on aesthetics.

Kitchens Bristol

Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical provide a fantastic range of brand new kitchens in Bristol in a variety of styles. As previously mentioned, kitchens are arguably the most important room in your home, therefore, its important your kitchen is exactly the way that you would want it to be. This blog was written by the content writer at Kitchens by Nailsea Electrical, who has a passion for inspiring people with his content and ideas.