The bathroom is one of the most significant rooms in the house and has been a part our everyday life. Your bathroom or powder room should be a serene, simple and comforting spot for your guests and family. The bathroom is generally the first place you stumble into at beginning of your day, and often the last place you visit before retiring for the night.

You probably spend more time in your bathroom than you might realize. It does make sense if you have decided to decorate it in a way that makes it an enjoyable place to be. Whether you’re doing a complete remodel or working with what you have, it is quite easy to update the look and feel of your bathroom with these smart and simple bathroom decorating ideas:

bathroom ideas

Replace your bathroom lighting.

There is great selection of affordable lighting fixtures available in the market. Replace outdated lighting fixtures with new ones from your home improvement store. Be original and creative when upgrading lighting. Bathroom lighting trends include hanging pendants and light bars that diffuse light in a room. It is recommended to use LED lighting fixtures because they are the most energy efficient and most importantly, it does not heat your bathroom up.

Choose an extraordinary accent color.

Chrome shower accessories including the door handle, knobs and even drain can add decorative elements to your bathroom. It allows the room design as a whole to feel clean and open but not in an overwhelming feeling.

Bathroom Color

Add a row of tile.

Adding a row of contrasting or decorative tile, it will act as a backsplash and eventually add interest to your unadorned bathroom. This bathroom decorating idea is also great for budget-friendly remodels since you need only a small amount of tile.

Mix print and texture.

There is no need to be afraid when mixing prints and textures in your bathroom decor. Good example is combining the textured rug and metallic stool, adding panache to the navy-and-white-print shower curtain. You can choose a single color when decorating a bathroom with multiple prints and patterns for more accents.

Bathroom decor

Put decorative shelving.

Do not just use basic towel hooks that are sold in the bath department. You should think out of the box when it comes to the selection of more decorative shelf-and-hook combo. This can be a good bathroom decorating idea to display accessories and toiletries above and hang towels and robes below.

Redecorate existing tile.

If your bathroom tiles are boring and you cannot do much about them, try using removable adhesive tiles that can be found in home improvement stores as well. They are easy to cut and install, appearing like the real deal and it can be removed without damaging the surface behind it.

Bathroom decor

Maximize bathroom storage.

De-clutter your bathroom to give it a freshly updated look. You can add pull-out drawers into a cabinet for an upgrade. Standard sizes of pull-out drawers are available at most home improvement stores.

Other things you can add are floating wall shelves, wall-mounted baskets, as well as small furniture-style cabinet.

Decorate the top of the toilet.

If there is enough space about the toilet bowl, you can use to create another personal space for any decoration or bathroom stuff. Using tray can display a pretty vase of flowers and books without danger of them slipping off.

Bathroom decor

Decorate it like you would your bedroom.

This is one of the most functional rooms in any kit homes, which is second only to the kitchen. But it can still have all the comforts you like found elsewhere in your home including cheery fabrics, pretty fixtures, and a place to sit.

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