Everyone wants to make a beautiful home and for this we hunt down the best décor items. We roam from shop to shop all across our city to pick the right fit for every corner and shelf top of our home to make it look like a beautiful heaven.

From vases to frames to show pieces to chairs, we go about looking for a specific style. Everything is easy enough to find but chairs! Finding the right type of chair is a big pain. And it is important to pick a right piece as a beautiful looking, comfortable chair can just make your home very stylish.


Whether it is a cozy corner or the main piece in your living room, a perfect fitting chair just enhances the look of your place. Now, there are so many options like wing chair, arm chair, chaise lounge, dining chair, club chair and the list is long because chairs have existed since forever.

Which one would you pick? It is a big confusion, but do not worry we are here to ease your hard work a bit. We have picked up 10 popular types of chairs to make your home stylish.

Each of them has their own history, own style and own use. See whatever fits your corner the best and pick them up to give your home a completely new look.

Chairs have multiple uses, and each type of chair is designed differently so read ahead carefully to pick your perfect match.

List Of Popular Chairs To Make Your Home Stylish

1) Armchairs

One of the most common types of chair is the Armchair. They have a simple design but are multi-faceted when it comes to their uses. These chairs have a seating area with backrest, and separate side panels for creating armrests as the name suggests.

Sitting on chairs without armrests can get really tiring for your arms and hence make your seating uncomfortable. These chairs are really versatile as you can use them as a lounging piece in your living room, then as a casual seating chair and also as an office chair.

They can be made for casual or formal uses. They can simply be made out of wood or be covered with foam and covered with silk for a more relaxed and luxurious feel.

2) Chaise Longue

If you are looking for a premium piece of seating to uphold your status and provide optimum luxurious comfort, then this French piece of art is for your home. Chaise Longue comes from the country of France, with the first ones being made in the 16th century.

In French it simply means a long chair, which it is. They were made to help the royals take a good nap without having to go to bed. Even today they are a status symbol product which allows you to keep your leg up straight.

They usually have premium upholstery and can be kept in your living or office for your short naps.

3) Wing Chairs

Coming from the 1600s, the Wing Chairs were first created by the English to make a comfortable seating in front of their fireplaces. The design is just as the name suggests, there is a wing-like projection from sides usually extending up to the armrests but the length and sizes vary.

The two main types of the wings are flat and scroll but it is note-worthy that there are also butterfly and bat wings also among a lot others. It basically comes as a covering beside your ears, the design was simply made to protect people from drafts and retain the heat from the fireplace.

Though with time, the design has undergone massive changes which has altered the chairs purpose. In the 21st century, these chairs can be kept anywhere for a royal look and feel.

4) Chesterfield Chairs

These chairs come from a form of sofa – the chesterfield sofa that was commissioned way back in the 17th century by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope. And the place of commission is where the name comes from, Chesterfield.

They were initially designed for clubs with low back seating, with deep buttoning, tufting and high armrests and usually had premium leather upholstery.

Even today the pioneer design hasn’t messed around with the buttons, premium leather and tufts are the recognizable features of a chesterfield chair. They are great additions for your home theater or gaming room.

5) Club Chairs

Club Chairs too have an age old design and come from France, while the name “Club” comes from its use in gentlemen’s clubs in England during the 1850s. It shares it design with the Armchair, the difference being the arms and back are usually of the same size which isn’t the case with arm chairs.

Club Chairs usually have foam filled – soft and comfortable arms which give nice support to your arms while seated. They are usually draped with leather and have a classic look. These days, designers play with this type of chair however, the distinctive feature of the arms and back-rest being of the same size still stands.

They can be placed anywhere in your home to create a relaxing corner, with so many designs and upholstery you can literally find a perfect match for any theme.

6) Slipper Chairs

This chair comes from the Victorian Era and was specially designed for the queens and princesses. During those times, the women fashioned heavy petticoats and laced corsets and hence needed a comfortable place to sit while wearing their stockings and shoes.

This need gave us the Slipper Chair, which is designed like our usual dining chairs but has a way lower seating that is close to the ground to support its purpose.

In present day, they are more used as a stylish piece of furniture than for its actual purpose. You will find them on the front pages of magazines with models posing on them and in living rooms.

You can definitely pick up an eloquently designed Slipper Chair for your living room to create a trendy corner for your queen.

7) Cogswell Chairs

Yet another comfortable piece of seating for your home, the Cogswell Chair might look similar to an Armchair but it does have a few distinctive features. You don’t get a stiff-straight backrest, they are usually inclined to provide a comfortable support for your back and the seats are usually elongated.

The armrests are open underneath and never covered giving it a distinctive look. The legs are cabriole making it stand out in the crowd.

Though the basic design remains the same, there are many variations to completely get up. You can find overstuffed-vintage designs with modern leather looks.

The choice depends on your home theme and these make a perfect fit for a lounge look.

8) Farthingale Chairs

This another chair designed for the women but in today’s time it adds as a classic piece of seating to your home décor. Initially seen in the 16th Century, the Farthingale Chair is named after a kind of wide-hooped skirt known as Farthingale which were fashioned by the women then.

The seating is quite wide, with heavy cushion and premium upholstery and they have an upholstered back panel which too is heavily cushioned and has premium upholstery. The legs are straight and carry a rectangular styling.

They can act as additional seating in your living room or dining chair.

9) Egg Chairs

The name perfectly describes its design, yes, the egg chair looks exactly like an egg. It seats exactly like your mother’s womb. This super comfortable piece of furniture was designed in 1959 by Arne Jacobsen for a hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

But then this chair was usually found in restaurants and hotels, but now they come as a beautiful piece of furniture for your home décor.

You can find them in complete leader or fabric but it is suggested to buy a fabric piece as the complete leader one has a major design flaw which leaves one open stitch.

10) Rocking Chair

This chair needs no introduction or detailing. It is hands down, the most famous and most comfortable chairs that you can have in your home. These chairs are ideal for anyone between baby and dotage.

It is said that Benjamin Franklin was responsible for this master piece but there’s a contrary belief that this chair came about in the 18th century in Europe, but no matter which place this has come from or who made it, Rocking chair is your go to home décor.

From metal to wood to funky designed fabrics to royal looking chairs, you can find a rocking chair to meet any theme requirement.

Take Away Words

Everyone wants to build their home the way they have always dreamt of it. Making your home beautiful is a tough task, but simply placing a good looking chair in an appropriate place enhances the décor of your home by many folds.

This list has brought out your best options, hopefully now you will be able to pick the one that suits your need the most!