Windows can make a huge impact on your home in a number of ways. Contemporary, UPVC double glazing windows can not only save your money over time, but they can also improve the overall security of your property too. In fact, although double glazing windows remain to be a very popular choice for homeowners, a lot of people still aren’t aware of all the benefits that should be considered before making a purchase.There are a huge variety of styles of double-glazing windows available, and it’s important to consider what your main priorities are before buying. If your current windows have no modern safety features, e.g. locks, double glazing windows supplied with keys and strong locking mechanisms would be an important point to note.

Double Glazing Windows

Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing windows offer a wide variety of features and benefits, so it is vital to know that they tick all your boxes before making your investment. Here are 10 things to consider when buying double glazing windows.

1. Price

Although some household investments can seem costly in the first instance, double glazing windows can in fact save you a lot of money. Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre, who specialise in providing double glazing in Glasgow, says that “the long-term benefits of double glazing can save you money on household bills and the regular treatment, maintenance and repairs often required for single glazed windows with timber frames”.

2. Security

Unlike single-glazed windows, double glazing offers additional security for your home. Stronger window frames with durable locking mechanisms combined with two strong windowpanes makes windows difficult to damage and penetrate.

3. Thermal Insulation

Double glazing is an incredibly effective insulator. Not only does it work to retain warm air, but it keeps cool air out too. This helps you to avoid unnecessary issues, such as damp and condensation. Not only this, but because your home keeps more heat in, your energy efficiency increases.

4. Noise Reduction

Thanks to the impressive insulation properties offered by double-glazing, external noise can be dramatically reduced. This can be particularly important to many homeowners, perhaps moreso to those with children and elderly people.

5. Durability

Unlike timber frames and single window panes that can be easily damaged or broken, double glazing is made to last. With durable properties and product guarantees, you can be certain that your double glazing windows will serve their purpose for many years.

6. Maintenance

Timber window frames require regular maintenance, such as painting or treating. Single glazing often needs regular repairs as the panes themselves are easy to break and smash. Double glazing, on the other hand, needs very little maintenance to keep them in top condition.

7. Style & Aesthetics

Double glazing windows are widely available in lots of different styles. When choosing your new double glazing windows, you will be presented with a huge range of colours and finishes to suit your personal requirements. Of course, the functionality of the windows is important but what’s equally important is the aesthetic they will create when installed in your home.

8. Safety Features

Double glazing windows come with many different safety features, some of which can be tailored to your individual needs. Lots of homeowners choose UPVC double glazing windows that come complete with locks and keys for additional safety in the home.

9. Energy Efficiency

Due to the fact that double glazing windows provide excellent insulation, they offer outstanding energy efficiency for your home. By retaining heat, you will find that your household bills may be reduced.

10. Guarantees

All reputable double glazing firms will offer guarantees post installation. This means you can rest assured that should your new double glazed windows present any issues, you are covered.

Double glazing windows present a huge range of benefits to homeowners and it’s no secret as to why they are perhaps the most popular choice for new windows. If you’re considering buying double glazing windows, don’t forget to speak to a double glazing specialist if you have particular requirements you wish to be fulfilled.