During the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional routines have shifted to adapt to a society on lockdown. Our homes have taken on many roles, providing entertainment, professional atmospheres, and personal getaways. In order to stay productive and present, creating a safe, stress-free environment is the way to go. If you’re spending more time in the house than ever before, consider turning your home into a sanctuary to support mental and physical health.

Self-Care Sanctuary

Self-Care Sanctuary

Focus on Your Goals

With many industries now encouraging employees to work from home, it might be a challenge to separate personal and professional life. However, self-care can actually benefit your professional endeavors.

  • Designate a workspace: As tempting as it might be to work in bed, equipping a specific area to get work done can keep you focused and productive.
  • Stay organized: Find a desk, file container, and other necessary supplies to help you stay on track throughout the day.
  • Follow a routine: Even if you’re not physically going to the office, schedule weekdays as if you were. You will appreciate relaxation time more when you’ve accomplished the day’s objectives during normal work hours.

Pay Attention to What Goes On at Home

Chances are, your family is also trying to adapt to new guidelines and routines. Juggling child care, work responsibilities, and daily chores can put stress on the household. Relieve pressure by being mindful of your home’s inner workings.

  • Be protective of your time: If multiple people are working from home, create designated time slots for uninterrupted productivity.
  • Make cleaning a priority: When you spend a lot of time indoors, clutter can build up quickly. A clean home can do wonders for mental health.
  • Focus on lighting and decor: Looking for a quarantine project? Swapping out colors, curtains, and cushions or pillows can brighten up any room — and it might lift your mood as well.

Emphasize Self-Care

It’s okay to feel stressed about work or personal issues even when you haven’t left the house for a while. Your home should be a safe place to decompress. If you can’t go out for a drink or a massage, destress in other ways.

  • Buy new bath towels and sheets: Adding an element of luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Replacing linens can result in more restful sleep and clearer skin.
  • Invest in yourself: Figure out how you like to relax. Whether it’s long soaks, retail therapy, silk PJs, or comfort meals, don’t neglect relaxation.
  • Stay active: Without the gym and regular outings and errands, you might risk settling into a sedentary lifestyle. Take a walk around the neighborhood or start an at-home workout routine.

Activate the Senses

To create an environment that supports all your needs, it helps to be mindful of the atmosphere in which you spend the most time. Stimulating your senses in simple ways might improve cognitive skills and concentration.

  • Scents: Lighting candles, displaying fresh flowers, or baking bread can create a soothing ambience.
  • Sights: Arrange your desk so you’re facing a window or open space instead of a wall. Make sure to give your eyes regular breaks from the laptop or phone screen.
  • Sounds: Choose specific sounds to boost your mood instead of just blaring the TV.
  • Textures: Keep a pet or blanket nearby to bring a sense of comfort.
  • Tastes: Skip the protein bars and make a healthy meal you and your family will enjoy.

The pandemic has caused many people to transform their homes into spaces that promote self-care while also encouraging productivity. Decluttering rooms, adding plants, welcoming natural light, and making your surroundings more comfortable can create a new routine of relaxation and inspiration. For more ways to bring calm to your home, check out the accompanying infographic.


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