Are you looking to spruce up your home this year?

2022 is an exciting year for home decor as we’re seeing some timeless trends emerging. Homes are becoming personal again, and people are thinking about how they use the space more. There is a focus on materials too and sustainability and so much more to explore!

Keep reading for these top 2022 home trends you want to watch.

2022 Home Trends

Going Solar

Though the cost of solar panels has increased in the back end of 2021, solar is still a growing market. With more awareness of the planet and our impact on it, people are looking to make changes.

On top of this, energy bills are on the rise and more people want to look for a way to cut costs. By going solar, not only can you save money but if you generate enough you can be self-sufficient.

No more relying on the grid and those extortionate utility companies. Click to learn about solar here and how it can work for you and your home.

Spaces Will Be Multi-Purpose

At first, the need for home offices and study spots seemed temporary for 2020 and 2021. But in home trends, 2022 will see people looking to make these spaces a permanent feature.

People are now looking at how their spaces function and fit into their life. As such, rooms are taking on more of a multipurpose existing, especially kitchens.

It’s no longer a place to cook it’s a hub of the house. It’s a place to hang out and entertain. A counter or an island could be the study spot of children coming home after school.

We’ll see home decor ideas and furniture designed around this concept. Gone are the days of the showhome, it’s now the time of the lived-in home that works to make life easier.

More Windows For More Light

Another one of the emerging modern home trends is adding more windows to your home. More windows bring in more natural light and help to bring the outside into the home.

Where people are spending more time in their homes, this seems to be of big importance. People want to create a light, airy beautiful space to relax, work and play in.

Bringing the Outdoors In

This is one of the interior home trends that’s been on the rise since 2020 and continues into 2022. Bringing the outdoors in is different for different people.

If you have a green thumb, raise some indoor plants or start to grow indoor herb gardens. If that’s not for you, you can embrace natural materials and bring them inside. These include:

  • Unfinished wood
  • Geodes
  • Coral
  • Natural stone

Even without living greenery, these materials will add life to your home. But for most people, they’ll add a plant or two that’s easy to care for.

The added bonus of indoor plants is they help with your indoor air quality. If you have pets be sure to get pet safe ones. Some plants are very toxic to animals.

2022 Home Trends Not to Miss

These 2022 home trends are some to watch as some exciting waves are being made in interior design. The way we’ve changed how we use our homes is leading to some innovative new designs and furniture styles. With more focus on sustainability too, 2022 has so much to offer and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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