There’s something about light that attracts us and draws our attention like moths to a flame. A bonfire at night, an entranceway with a stunning chandelier, a thematic candlelit display…When you’re selecting decor for your home, the fixtures you choose for lighting have a huge impact on the overall feel and ambience of each area, as well as the style of your home as a whole. Here are some ideas for unique light fixtures for a modern rustic decor that you might not have considered—and which can definitely make your home stand out from the crowd!

Rustic Decor

Rustic Decor

Hanging Lantern Lights

Hanging lights are all the rage and go well with every style of decor. Imagine giving your entrance, dining room, or patio a modern rustic look with a lantern-style hanging light, or a majestic air of charm with a midcentury-inspired clean metal fixture.

There are endless possibilities. These light fixtures come in artistic combinations of fashionable distressed wood, iron, and glass, and hold four or even up to eight candle-shaped globes for a touch of rustic mystery and wonder.

Rustic Farmhouse

Lanterns are pretty versatile when it comes to personalizing the character of a space. You can go for a rustic farmhouse look by combining lanterns with wooden furniture, dried flowers, a craft item or two, and a no-fuss stone floor or countertop.

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Earthen

For an earthen look on your porch or patio, hanging lanterns go great with terracotta planters, woven storage baskets, and colorful textiles for the comfortable ambience of simpler times.

Rustic Chinoiserie

A discussion of lanterns wouldn’t be complete without mention of a Chinoiserie-inspired decor. Try a dining or entrance area with a hanging lantern and an antique Chinese tea set, pictures of the pristine countryside and colorful town festivals, elegant framed calligraphy, and plenty of red—for good luck, of course!

Rustic Chinoiserie

Rustic Chinoiserie

Wall Sconces

Another light fixture full of character is the charming but often underused wall sconce. Featuring wood, iron, and a rustic callback to a bygone era, wall sconces are also surprisingly effective light sources, and very much a pleasure in the home.

Rustic Cottage

What better way to welcome guests to your country cottage than with a gold- or silver-leaf wall sconce by the wooden door, partially covered in flowers and climbing vines? Add a few garden gnomes below and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a cozy countryside getaway.

Rustic Mansion

On the larger side, you might have the fortune of living in a heritage home with high ceilings and winding hallways. Classic iron wall sconces down the halls could be just the thing for creating an ambience of mystery and hidden treasures to be found.

The Old Bayou

Sconces are also great outdoors, and many people find them reminiscent of Louisiana, where the weather is so hot for much of the year that people spent a great deal of time on the porch to escape the stifling air indoors. Imagine the music and street foods of New Orleans in its heyday. You can almost see it come to life when you look at a good, rustic sconce.

Old Bayou

Old Bayou

Candle Holders

If you’d like more charm and romance in your decor, why not add some elegant antique candle holders? These classic fixtures can be as modern or as vintage as you like, with metal and wood being some favorite materials for the base. You don’t need to wait for a power outage to enjoy the ambience of candlelight!

Rustic Romance

For an intimate dinner, candles in the center of the table create a feeling of being the only two people in the world. It’s relaxing, romantic, and just plain beautiful, too. Scatter some rose petals on the tablecloth or place a couple of small vases of flowers on either side of the candles to illuminate their color and form.

Rustic Reflections

In an elegant twist on a theme, you can find candle-holder wall sconces that back onto small, charming mirrors—reflecting the flickering flame into the surrounding space for an air of mystery and natural artistry to go with the most modern or rustic style of home furnishings.

Unique Fixtures with Endless Options

As you’ve seen, just with lighting alone there are so many directions you can go to achieve a rustic decor. By tuning in to yourself and your tastes, you can use rustic lighting to express yourself and transform your home into something more personal and beautiful.

About the Author:

Lucy Bay is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia. She works with Lillian Home, merging her passion for all things home and design with profession. When she has time off, she loves to travel and dabbles in photography.