Having nice floors really does enhance the living space, so when you get new floors you want o make sure that they stay looking good for a long time.

1. Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Good

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to your house, so you want to make sure that they continue to look good. Letting anything get damaged or degraded means that when you get to the point where it needs to be fixed, it is going to be more expensive.

You need to take your shoes off is the first thing – tracking all that dirt in on the bottom of your shoes is not good. When it comes to cleaning it up you are going to need to make sure that you sweep or vacuum before you mop, or you are basically going to be rubbing dirt into your floors.

Getting a good wood polish is also going to be essential, and you are going to have to polish them every 2-4 months. Greta advice from your local floor experts, find locations online.

Wood Floor

Wood Floor

2. Keep Your Tile Looking New

Tile floors, like wood floors are pretty tough, but it does take some effort to make sure that they stay as nice looking as they were when you first got them installed. Thankfully it is not a complicated process.

The first part of the process is making sure that you clean away all the debris that is on the floor,  because despite being resistant  to these things, it is going to make the floors look dull.

For mopping you are going to want to get a rag or chamois style mop because sponge mops are going to push that dirt into the grout, which is going to give you an entirely different type of cleaning to engage in.

When you get discolorations you are going to have to be aware that some substances require different cleaners to get rid of them, so you want to use the right one.

3. Keep Carpet Feeling Fresh

Your carpet, like your wood and your tiles, doesn’t like being walked all over in shoes. Prevention is often a better solution to keeping it looking nice, rather than having to remedy the abuses of every day misuse.

Rugs are a great idea here, to reference The Big Lebowski, they can really tie a room together, and they will make that carpet look nice for longer.

Baking soda can help you to handle the odor in the carpet and make it smell nice for longer. You need to let it settle then vacuum, and you should be vacuuming regularly.

As well as the regular vacuum you should do a deep clean every year.

You are also going to need an emergency kit with commercial carpet stain remover, club soda for wine and beer spills, shaving cream is great for stains, ice cubes for chewing gum, and hydrogen peroxide for blood.


Whatever kind of surface you have on your floors, the maintenance does take some effort, but it is not that difficult, and it is also fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to repairing damage from neglect. Following the above tips should keep your floor looking great.