Interior designers have done remarkably well in coming up with creative and innovative ideas for glass cabinets. Some of the designs that have been introduced in the 20th and 21st century transform your home from the conventional look to a more stylish and trendy interior. Interior designers are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best for your home. Sometimes, if you have the required financial muscle, you may request a customized design from an interior designer. They will create a design that will make your home elegant and create a comfortable environment.Different designs of the glass cabinets exist today. When you are looking for glass cabinets to be added to your living room, kitchen or bathroom, you could consider going for the designer’s types. They are unique and will never disappoint you. They may be expensive to acquire, but they are worth the money.  Buying high-quality glass cabinets is more recommended since you will not have to waste money on repairs or replacement in the future. This article will discuss the most popular glass cabinets by interior designers that would help to make your home more contemporary and unique.

Glass Cabinet

Glass Cabinet

Soma Living by Kettner

The soma living glass cabinet is stylish and includes various elements that have been put together to create an attractive product. The soma living entails a glass cabinet that is installed with illuminating light on the backside. The illuminating light comes in different colors. The homeowner who is interested in this type of design can choose the type of color that they want for the back illumination. When ordering online, you may have the option of specifying the backlight illumination to suit your needs. The glass cabinet is also fitted with glass doors making it a complete ox of glass,   it has its stand and can be as tall as you like the average length of the most common soma living by Kettner is 6 feet high. This makes your home classy and attractive to the eye.  Usually, the backlight can be switched on or off as you like. However, it is best suited for the night and if your room is dark during the day. The glass cabinet might be expensive initially, but it is worth it since it will make your home look unique and elegant. When selecting this type of cabinet, always choose one with a backlight color that complements your home interior. It is one of the most popular display cabinets with glass doors that can be suitable for your home.

Salon Retail Display

This is a glass cabinet design by Gamma and Brosss who are21st century designers. The glass shelves are created in a way that they can be moved around. They are mounted on a wooden cabinet frame. The front side of the cabinet is open for display. Also, it is fitted with neon light so that the products placed on the glass are illuminated. The floating glass shelves are most suited for either salon retail or your bathroom. In your bathroom, you can utilize the glass cabinet for the storage of your toiletries and other chemicals that you sue within the bathroom. Since the shelves are well arranged, your bathroom will remain organized at all times. Consider buying one of these cabinets for home décor.

Grid Display Glass Cabinets

Petter J. Lassen has come up with different display cabinet ideas for decorations. The grid display glass cabinet is created to allow a homeowner to showcase certain items that they may consider invaluable or attractive. The grid display design is made from a wooden frame which is 2 feet high, and the glass grid system design cabinets are installed upwards. The design of the cabinets above the wooden frame varies according to the specifications of the designer. However, they are mostly created to introduce elegance and class into modern homes. A benefit of this grid system design is that it allows you to display a single item. A single item placed on each of the grid is given sufficient attention and is attractive to the visitors in your home. It is best placed within your living room so that it can catch the attention of the people around.

Broadway Vetrina

This is a glass cabinet display by Bartoli design. The cabinet consists of a wooden top and base, glass panels and doors with knobs. It could either be fitted with rollers or a hidden castor in the base. If you are using it for display, it can be moved around to the most suitable locations that you would like it to be. This design uses tempered glass to create the glass cabinet due to the hardness and resistance to abrasion.  Also, you can have an optional lighting kit added to your Broadway Vetrina cabinet. For more and similar designs of glass cabinets, fab glass and mirror have a variety of them at your disposal.