In the world of home design, luxury does not have a specific style. This refers to a characteristic that a particular combination of different elements provides in a finished state. It involves an impressive blending of design materials and aesthetic elements that are carefully put together in perfect balance.

Home Decoration

Home Decoration

Luxury modern villa designs can be personalized in various ways. Landscaping, lighting ideas, and interior design can significantly change the look and feel of any home.

Here are nine decorating tips to add luxury to your lifestyle

1. Install Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Lighting plays a crucial role in home decor. It can make everything look better (or worse, depending on how well you use it). It naturally involves the environment and the colors that come with the area it is supposed to “light up.” The right lighting can make everything look brighter and more pleasant.

Soft, muted lighting can add a touch of elegance to your space as well. If, for instance, you want to go on the bold but classy route, a bespoke chandelier can be your best option. But if you want something simpler, you can go for accent lighting sources like wall sconces. In fact, this is a simple detail that always works great for making any space look elegant.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

2. Opt for Coffee Tables that Stand Out

Coffee tables are one of the essential elements in an excellent home design. The right coffee table never fails to enhance the look of a luxury apartment so don’t miss this step. It can be made of rich exotic wood, premium marble or lacquer with a crystal or mirror top, or any other luxurious materials of your choosing.

Place it in areas where you often hang out with your family and friends. To make it your room’s focal point, consider topping it off with an extraordinary table setting and unique decorative piece.

3. Display Artwork

Since the beginning of time, art has somehow been connected to luxury. Centuries ago, only the upper class members of the society could afford to attend music shows and art exhibits. For some reasons, until today, art is still associated with luxury.

So if you want to make your home truly luxurious, put up some beautiful works of art such as sculptures and paintings created either by local or international artists. It would also be a better idea to have customized frames made for them. Frames offer a cohesive look to your walls aside from adding an elevated sense of aesthetics to any room.

Distribute them around your home spaces such as your living room and dining room. Lighting them up is an excellent way to draw everyone’s attention towards them.

Display Artwork

Display Artwork

4. Embrace the Elegance a Good Rug Offers

If your home building is mostly made of hardwood, it may seem cold if you do not place anything on the floor. Add warmth and create a sense of continuity from one room to another by placing area rugs. They are a treat to both the eyes and feet, and can automatically add a polished look to your space.

Rugs can also add a touch of whimsy or fancy to your space depending on the motiff. Make sure, though, to choose rugs with the right patterns that suit the look you want and complement the rest of the décor. Experts emphasize the use of classic rugs in muted tones or simple geometric patterns since they can easily make your home look chic and warm at the same time.

5. Use Mirrors

Mirrors have been always been associated with beauty aside from being a practical home design element. A statement mirror or decorative mirror, for example, can instantly add a touch of art and glamour to your space.

Strategically placed mirrors can amplify your space, or create a symmetrical display by placing a large mirror in the middle of your living room wall. You can get the best effects out of these pieces by choosing irregularly shaped mirrors and bespoke mirrors to add luxury to your space.

Living Room Mirror

Living Room Mirror (Source

6. Consider the Use of Glass

Glass ceiling and floor designs look unusual, impressive and expensive. These design elements also define an interior design trend that creates spacious and bright rooms.

7. Add an Unusual or Oversized Element

By adding an unexpected feature like a beautifully restored clawfoot tub, for example, in your bathroom, can make that space visually appealing, luxurious and highly aesthetic.

Stylishly decorated dressing rooms and spacious walk-in closets are great “oversized” elements that can add a touch of luxury to your home space. These rooms create elegant storage spaces that add value to your property as well.

8. Take Advantage of Large Windows

If your new place has wall-to-wall windows, don’t get overwhelmed. A good solution to this is to have full-length, beautifully-designed drapes to add a homey touch. You may also consider positioning your couch or chairs and a coffee table in front of them. This will give your space a sense of intent and structure.

Large Windows

Large Windows

9. Add Your Personal Touch

Do not forget to add personal touches to your interior design. Do you have beautiful and striking photographs of your childhood (beautifully framed black and white photos work nicely), or perhaps you’ve recently picked up beautiful and unique decorative pieces while on holiday? Consider displaying them on your tables, walls or shelves for a homey yet elegant touch.

Adding luxe elements and implementing these home decorating tips can help transform your apartment or Millennium Estates villa into your luxurious dream home.