If you’re in the market for a new appliance for your kitchen, you might be looking at your options to find a better deal. Discounted appliances are a good option as well as those that are on sale but there are ways of getting appliances even cheaper. Ex-demo/graded appliances are often overlooked however they offer the same product as a sale item would be but at a better price point! There is often a stigma behind ex-demo products however they can enter the market at a price point that is too good to refuse! In this article, we’ll go through if ex-demo appliances are worth it when you’re looking at finding a deal!

Graded Appliances

Graded Appliances

What are graded appliances?

Graded appliances are appliances that either has slight cosmetic damage (not noticeable) or and appliance that has packaging damage/comes in non-original packaging etc. Graded appliances are just as new as any other appliance from a showroom however they have minor visual or packaging damage that doesn’t affect the function of the appliance whatsoever.

Graded appliances are often confused as either used appliances or budget appliances but this isn’t the case. Graded appliances come in a range of budgets and price points just like any other appliance range! You’ll still see the name brands you know and love but just at a lower price!

Graded appliances are just as useful, efficient and as good as non-graded appliances that you would find in any other showroom. Once you break away from the stigma of ex-demo appliances, it can be a great way of finding quality appliance at an affordable price!

Graded Appliances

Graded Appliances

Are ex-demo/graded appliances a false economy?

When we take a look at ex-demo appliances, you may be thrown off by the name as you might think that they’re second-hand appliances that have been thoroughly used. This isn’t the case since this isn’t the meaning of an ex-demo/graded appliance.

Graded appliances will always come with a description of the cosmetic damage if there is any. This being said, graded appliances will always be BRAND NEW, unless it’s otherwise stated in the listing. Each item on our site has an explanation as to its cosmetic condition so you’ll get the full picture of the appliance you’re buying.

Graded appliances can offer you the same quality appliances desired by all at a much cheaper price point. Kitchen appliances are expensive units so it’s always a good idea to find the best deal! If a seasonal sale isn’t offering the appliances you want at a price that’s suitable to you, graded appliances are the way forward! Finding a cheap appliance online is often difficult because you’re usually given the same price from a range of different retailers. The only way you can get true savings is by buying a product that has to be priced lower! This is where graded/ex-demo appliances are ideal.

There is a saying. Buy cheap, buy twice! That’s usually the case however with graded appliances, you’re buying cheap because of minor cosmetic damage! Like we mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with a graded appliance as it’ll function as well as a non-graded appliance! You’re just getting a better price for the same appliance because it can’t be sold at full retail price.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way of getting the same quality appliances you want for your kitchen, take a look at ex-demo or graded appliances today! It’s a great way of finding cheap appliances at a price that suits you! You can browse for cheap appliances online as well as visiting showrooms that have them on display.