Are you looking for a long-lasting home improvement that will also make your house more private, comfortable, and safe? You can’t go wrong with tinting your windows.

Window tinting has been around for a long time and many types of window films exist on the market today. It can be daunting to choose the right one for your home.

Luckily for us, window tint has also come a long way and has evolved with new technology.

A new type of window tint, that is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, is the ceramic window film.

Ceramic Window

Ceramic Window

What is ceramic window film?

Ceramic window film is made using tiny ceramic nanoparticles. They are so small and are invisible to the naked eye.

Here are the benefits of ceramic window film for your home.

1.  Metal free

Wondering why your phone’s signal is low when you are inside the house? One cause may be the type of tint/film you have on your windows.

Due to its metal composition, metallic films cause signal interruptions by blocking electronic waves. Ceramic window film, being non metallic, does not interfere with the functioning of electronic gadgets.

2.  Increased privacy

Privacy is a great benefit when you install window film.

When you have untinted windows, people can easily see through them. Now, imagine your house is located alongside a busy street – anyone passing by can peep in and infringe on your privacy.

Since ceramic window films are reflective on the outside, they block the vision of those outside your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature when you are indoors – the ceramic films are transparent from the inside.

The other types of window films may block vision from both inside and outside making it unsuitable for homeowners.

3.  Protects you from harmful UV rays

Are you aware that constant exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin disease, premature aging, immune system damage, cataracts, and other eye disorders? Tinting your windows with ceramic film is one way of protecting you and family.

UV rays are an enemy of your home’s interior. When exposed to constant sun rays, your furniture, carpets and other furnishings will gradually degrade and fade.

Ceramic window film blocks up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. This is better than any other window film in the market.

Ceramic window film reduces glare. The ceramic particles absorb rays hence allowing only a small percentage of light to pass through it.

Ceramic Window

4.  Keeps your home cooler

Summer brings on the heat and we are always exploring ways to keep cool and keep our energy costs down.

The fact is, not all of us can afford an AC system in our homes. But the good news is that a HVAC system is not the only way to regulate indoor temperatures.

Ceramic window film contains nanoparticles that lower the intensity of heat inside your house by blocking about 90% of infrared rays. These rays are invisible to the naked eye but are the major cause of heat.

Ceramic window tints also have insulation capabilities which makes them ideal in colder months.

5.  Long-Lasting

If you are looking for a durable home improvement solution, then ceramic window films are a great option.

Unlike other tints that fade over time, ceramic window film lasts a long time. You can expect it to serve you well for a minimum of 10 years. Many window tints can start to fade and bubble within a few months, especially if you live in a very sunny area like desert or tropical climates.

6.  Enhanced security

Ceramic films boost the security of your house.

You’ll need much effort and “heavy” tools to break a window with a ceramic film. Once broken, it will be shatter-proof, meaning there will be no dangerous glass shards scattered.

And since you can’t see through the window film, your home is less likely to be burgled.


With all the above benefits, there is no doubt that ceramic window films are the superior choice for your home.

So, whether you want to make your house cool during sunny days, need full protection from the harmful UV rays or reduce your energy bills, ceramic window film is the way to go.