The preferred products for the designing purpose of a home earlier used to be concrete. However, such products are only suitable for adverse weather conditions and the cost of the maintenance is high. Now, however, one can design their home with a kind of composite cladding products. These products are made with eco-friendly materials that can resist moisture and rain water.  A person, for instance, may install the rain screen system made with composite cladding materials and  they can increase the aesthetic appeal of the home. Composite cladding are designed with wooden texture and are available in various colors. Apart from that, these composite cladding are much more durable than fiber, cement and wooden products, and such screens can also prevent insect infections. A person can easily install such screens at the outdoor locations as well as they can also use them as boundary walls. They are easy to install and they are completely stain or fade resistant.

Composite Cladding

Composite Cladding

What is Composite Cladding?

Cladding is made with different materials.  These are placed one over another to increase their durability. This is an advantage for the person using it for their home because the composite cladding are durable and long lasting. Different types of composite cladding products can be  found in most markets, which are made with aluminium, wood, brick, metal and vinyl. They are basically blend with the cement, and to add more durability, manufacturers add some additional layers of polystyrene or wheat straw fibers on the composite cladding products.

Reasons to Choose the Composite Cladding Products: 

  • Composite cladding products are ecofriendly as these products are made up of recyclable materials. There are no toxic materials used for making such products and they do not release any carcinogens during processing. One can easily install them with their DIY tools, and they do not need to spend any installation cost on them.
  • Most of the manufacturers provide a long term warranty on their composite cladding products and they can provide up to 25 years limited warranty on their performances. They can also provide yan additional 20 years warranty on their color, texture and designs. But the warranty can vary from manufacturers to manufacturers, and one  should check their terms and conditions before buying their products.
  • Composite cladding products are made with wood-plastic composite, and they are completely stain resistant and fade resistant. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Most of these products are come with standard sizes, and they can be customized according to one’s needs.
  • A person does not need to re-paint such composite cladding products neither to spend a single amount on their re-fading or re-finishing. One can find such products as readymade form and can easily install them in their residential as well as commercial premises. The person does not need to spend any maintenance cost on them, but they need to clean them occasionally.
Composite Cladding System

Composite Cladding System

Why would you Choose the Composite Cladding Walls?

In the present day, one can decorate their home with some composite cladding walls and these products are completely made with high quality plastic and wooden materials. They can provide a vintage look to your home and they are much durable than other products. Apart from that, they are water-resistant and they do not get cracked or fade due to climatic problems.

Apart from that, you can also design your outdoor pergolas with composite cladding products and you can give a natural look to your pergolas. They come with different structures, and you can easily install them one by one to design your pergolas. You can further use such products to build your outdoor fencing, furniture and flower boxes. But to choose the best composite cladding products, you need to check their durability, finishes, warranty and maintenance cost. In this regard, you can contact a reliable manufacturer of the composite cladding products to know more.