Using a frosted shower glass is a common practice. There are many reasons behind using specifically frosted shower glass. For example, they provide privacy, they are aesthetic to look upon and they are in trend!However, if you are remodeling your bathroom then you may want to change the look of your showering place too. If you have been watching the frosted shower glass every day and you are bored of it now, or you want to change the style of the door or even the frosting, then you must be looking on the option of shower glass replacement.

Shower Glass

Shower Glass

Well, you can avoid it and save your money by not buying a new shower glass or hiring craftsmen to do your shower glass project.

We will share some easiest ways to remove frosting from shower glass at home which will save you a fortune, for sure. A penny or two saved by doing a little work on your own would not hurt, right?

DIY Shower Glass Frosting Removal

Let us dive into some easy-peasy and inexpensive ways to remove frost from the shower glass and make it usable again, take these steps:

Use Of Knife

You can easily pry up the frosting from the shower glass by using a knife. Use a ruler to guide you and for making measurements and mark the area in which you will pry the frost up. Pry the frost chunk by chunk from the glass until all is done. It is a little hard work but you can do it easily at home. You will be able to scrap off a great amount of frost. However, it will not be perfectly removed yet.

Use Of Blade

This will require great care because the blade can be dangerous to use. So, wear gloves and start scraping off the remaining frost by snipping it downwards with the razor blade. Gently do the scrapping process in order to avoid the scratches and cracks. This will remove the frost to a great amount.

Scrubbing the Glass

The razor blade will hopefully remove all the frost present on the shower glass. However, if you are still seeing little bits of it, then you can scrub it off. With the help of the gentle scrubbing of the glass with steel wool or some other scrubbing tool, you will roughen and loosen the frost present on the shower glass.

Then you can wear your precautionary gloves again and start scrapping off the glass again. Do it until every little jiff of it is removed from the glass. In this way, you will be able to get rid of the frost completely and cleanly.

Clean The Shower Glass

Shower Glass

Shower Glass

The final step of removing the frost from the glass in order to ensure perfection in it is its cleaning.

You can do the cleaning by DIY methods i.e. using vinegar, etc. or you can remove it with commercial glass cleaner. Take a clean dry cloth or sponge and apply the cleaner on it.

Carefully rub the cloth or sponge on the glass and remove every deposit of frost present on it. You may need to repeat the cleaning process several times in order to make sure that the frost is removed perfectly and glass starts looking crystal clear.

Hence, this is a great way to restore your glass to its foundational shape and make use of it again. However, if there is some structural damage in it, you would then have to hire a professional shower glass repair service. And, if the damage is irreparable, then get ready for a new shower glass installation!