Are you bored of your old kitchen design? Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Well, the kitchen is the perfect place to give an ultimate design and it is an important place where you spend most of your time. It becomes even more important when you host parties often. The kitchen countertops are important as they witness the most wear and tear due to cooking, cutting, preparation and plating. The custom benchtops are the way to go when designing your kitchen.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Today, technology and engineering have provided us with a variety of choices and finish for the countertops. Now, most of the ideas that are shared below for custom benchtops are tough and durable but still, it is always a better idea to use a chopping board for daily cutting and silicone sheets for keeping the hot pot. Always, clean the countertops with a soft sponge or cloth. Never use an abrasive material for daily cleaning as it takes away the sheen. Moving forward, we are going to provide some of the custom benchtops ideas which would definitely make your kitchen look stunning. Take a look.

Contrasting Color Custom Benchtops

If you want to add life to your dull kitchen then adding a splash of color is a great option. It provides a bold effect with the right color. The best choices of colored custom benchtops include lime green, orange, yellow, black and white etc. The secret of creating the best kitchen is in providing it a proper contrast. If you want the kitchen counter to stand out then select a color that is different from the cabinets and walls.

#1. Patterned Benchtops

If you are minimalist, then you would love this design of the custom benchtops. The pattern benchtops will add visual interest along with your sleek looking cabinets. Striped stone or textures can be used here as the kitchen counters.

#2. Thick Slab Benchtops

This is the latest trend in the modern kitchen. The thick slab effect provides a stately look. Now, most of the benchtops are only 2” thick but the thick slab kitchen counters are 3-5” thick. They create an anchored look. But when you select thick slab, you will have to adjust the counter’s height accordingly.

#3. Butcher Block Benchtops

These have been around since ages and have a timeless appeal. The wooden butcher block gives a warm look to your kitchen interiors. If you want the finish of the custom benchtops to last a long time, then you would need to seal the wood with the best polyurethane and make use of chopping boards and trivets for all your work. These little gadgets will keep the wooden surface unharmed for a long time.

#4. Metal Benchtops

Custom Benchtops

Custom Benchtops

Here stainless steel is a great option. It is a classic and popular among the interior designers. But there are two other metals that are slowly working their way up the popularity ladder, such as copper and zinc. Zinc is an option for those homeowners who are searching for blue toned kitchen counters. This metal develops a rich blue hue. Zinc with time will react with oil, citrus fruits, vegetables and even water to create this beautiful patina effect. Zinc custom benchtops must be left natural with a matte finish! The modern kitchen will get a warm glow with an addition of copper benchtop. These benchtops must be sleek, polished and properly sealed.

#5. Concrete Benchtops

Concrete is hard-wearing, simple and has a subtle textural appeal. The best thing about concrete is that you can customize it any way you want. There are tons of colors, textures and veining to choose from.

These are some of the latest designs in kitchen custom benchtops. You need to select the one that is apt for your home. It must look nice and go well with your interiors.