So many companies and different industries today are in need of a way to refrigerate their products and have their own kitchen space, and mostly on a large scale. Therefore, most of these industries are always on the lookout for a cold room and a commercial kitchen that they can rent. Such a cold room and commercial kitchen hire are essential in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

For pharmaceutical companies, they need a cold storage space to place large volumes of medicines and vaccines as they are required to be stored at specific temperatures. The same goes for food industries that also require a chilled environment to store their perishables.

Different sectors in the food industry that includes bakers and frozen food producers will need a reliable cold room and a place to set up their kitchen space.

Cold rooms are designed not just for small-scale businesses but can also store produce on a grand scale. Different food products that are needed to be transported and delivered will require varied temperatures to keep up their current state. For instance, ice creams need to be always frozen, while shellfish need to be placed in chilled-out items.

This is where a cold room space will come into play as such rooms like the ones in Dephna Group can provide your perishables with the right temperature it requires.

Commercial kitchens to rent are also available mostly for those who are in the food business. For startups, established caterers and even restaurants, these commercial kitchens are the natural solution in the preparation and production of food.

Renting a cold room space and kitchen is not that difficult since you can use these units on a short, medium or for long-term purposes. Also, when you get a cold room, you will have top quality chilled rooms that can give you a free solution to your logistics planning and delivery schedules as you can gain access to these storage facilities any time of the day and night.

Cold Room

Cold Room

Advantages of hiring a cold room and a commercial kitchen

Complete access anytime. When you hire a cold room and kitchen, you will be given with a complete access to the room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide you access to your deliveries anytime.

Safe and clean. You do not have to worry about your products since these spaces are monitored continuously and are for certain free from any type of pests.

Easy access. Of course, the right space should be placed in the right location to provide you with an ease of access not just on placing your items but also on sending out your deliveries.


Dephna Group is a family run enterprise and is known for providing state of the art kitchens and cold room spaces to various businesses. Servicing their clients for more than 40 years, they are now the oldest and largest provider of commercial kitchens and refrigerated cold room spaces in London.