Questioned any homemaker “what’s your desire to make your home look completely a modern one? Their response with no wait would be to possess a modular kitchen. And yes, be it your mother, wife, sister anyone would reply the same to the question above. Either the woman is a working professional or a homemaker, they would always wish to have their modular kitchen with all necessary features that a contemporary kitchen posses designed by modern interior designers in Bangalore.

modular kitchen

Now, let’s see what a modular kitchen is and why people prefer opting for it?

Modular kitchens are simple to use with varied storage options and easy access that are easy to clean and also in case of any damage it is easy to repair the kitchen as it is designed using the latest technology. These are easy to fix and assemble at the same time the whole kitchen can be dismantled when moved into a different home. The other most important thing is, these kitchens are a durable one which is made up of high-quality ply that is resistant for BWP and manages moisture in a better way. The modern kitchens are available in different styles and unique colours as per the individual’s choices. The main advantage of modular kitchens is they can be designed and crafted as per the available floor space. The layout is better managed by interior designers in Bangalore by making the right decision by giving the best layout as per available floor space.

What are the advantages of possessing a contemporary kitchen?

The modular kitchens are one which is created with the right balance having the perfect work triangle depending upon the right height and depth of the cabinets. The lightings balanced perfectly and makes your work in the kitchen prudent. Along with these required features, it is great to have multiple storage cabinets that are installed with the modular kitchens and the other crucial importance is, modular kitchens are budget-friendly.

Let us see how kitchen accessories make cooking easy

Storage in the kitchen increases the flexibility of the cooking space. Your storage area with the kitchen cabinets enhances great storage. They have many benefits including great utilization of space, it is easy to pull and push and thus saves energy and time, keeps the external look of the kitchen clean and tidy with a clutter-free.

It is well said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and hence keeping the kitchen well organized with effective use of space, makes even a small kitchen space look spacious with proper designs with great storage solutions which makes the reaching out the storage makes ease to work in the kitchen. We all know a messy kitchen is difficult to maintain and uneasy to work and for this reason, the custom-designing the cupboards, pantry storage, cabinets, frees up the external cooking space and keeps things organized in a closed manner and thus it is very easy to clean up space and keep things organized. Having a functional yet trendy kitchen offers an amazing look to yourself and also provides an inviting look to the guests. Their good impression of your kitchen is all they speak.  Undoubtedly the best kitchens play a major role in bringing an opulent look to your entire home which adds value to your home.

Modular storage cabinets and their uses

Apart from the hob, sink and the fridge, the unused utensils, spoons, plates, knives, other dishware are to be organized in a desired cabinets that avoids mess around your kitchen, and let’s take a look at the accessories that makes your cooking easier which are great in look as well adds practicality to the cooking area.

Thali Basket

Modern kitchen ergonomics offers the most efficient use of the cooking area that optimizes human movement. The thali baskets are used to hold the plates ranging from varied sizes that are different from each other. Choosing the right weight for the kitchen designed provides great function.

Cutlery Tray

Cutlery trays are one of the efficient solutions to organize cutleries like spoons, forks, knives, and other such utensils. These are vertical storage spaces offering neat and clean lines of arrangements.

Carousel Unit

Your corners can also be given a beautiful look by fixing a carousel accessory. It is a spinning unit usually designed to be fixed at the bottom cabinet enhancing unique storage space.

Pull-out Pantry Unit

These are usually used to store groceries, bottles, spices, and other such essentials. These are to be sturdy and effectively built to store heavy things. Yet it is easy to access and pull/push which makes your cooking easy and offers a hassle-free kitchen providing great usage. These cabinets are designed in the right way with proper depth and height basis as it needs to be right fixed.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are usually used for storing dry vegetables. These are carefully built to store essentials in a neat and cluttered freeway. Clever storage with the great idea simply great of storing dry veggies. This cabinet can be easily removed and washed and fitted back.

Mid Cabinets

These cabinets add aesthetical beauty as well capacious storage space for fitting in required essentials into it, like jars, big sized utensils, divided with organized spaces and are specially built with durable material which can be used for an over a long period.