Many people desire to build a modern home, which has increased over the years due to the over the top designs in lifestyle magazines or set designs on recent TV shows. Building a home is an expensive journey to embark upon, especially if you plan on going for a contemporary design. However, if you go about it strategically, then there is no need to spend a fortune on the modern home of your dreams. The key is to keep your set budget under control. Your expenditure depends on many factors, including the type of construction material that you choose. Instead of picking traditional materials like brick or concrete, you should get creative with the kinds of stuff you want.

Modern Home

Modern Home

Cost-Efficient Ways to Build Your Modern Home

One way to lower the cost of building your new home is to pick cheap construction materials. If you give attention to the foundation of the house, such as the design layout, types of materials, and construction management, then you can quickly lower the expenditure on your contemporary home. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you reach your goal on a tight budget.

Keep It Simple

Most home builders prefer leisurely, broad, and abstract designs as opposed to an arts and crafts inspired approach. Please keep it simple and modern, much like the homes at the Mont Botanik Residence. Contemporary homes take advantage of the joys of simplicity. Contractors may find intricate details of frameless glazing to be a bit of a struggle, so it is essential to keep the difficulties at a minimum to keep the cost at a reasonable level. Less time spent on construction reduces the overall schedule of development and consequently leads to lower labor costs. It has an enormous impact as overhead costs that depend on the number of days spent on the construction process, like salaries and rent, are significantly reduced.

Design an Efficient Floor Plan

Open floor plans are a significant feature of contemporary home designs. That removes excess interior walls and creates wide shared spaces that are much more practical for everyday use. There is little to no separation between different areas of the home, which makes everything easily accessible. Open floor plans lower costs of construction by getting rid of inner walls. It takes up less material and simultaneously reduces labor costs. A compact floor plan creates more cost-saving opportunities, such as lowered operating costs due to less volume. Less is more perfectly applied to this design as you get a modern and stylish floor plan that takes up less time, money, effort, and creates a communal space inside your home.

Use the Right Materials

Stone homes have a certain elegance to them, but they are not cheap to build. However, there is a way to achieve the same look while staying under budget, and that is stone cladding. You can apply a coating to the outer surface of the home. It is lighter as compared to an actual stone wall. It costs significantly less due to reduced materials and labor costs. You can apply stone cladding the entire house or just a portion of it, such as the walls of the chimney. If you want to depict a modern look, you can use different types of stone cladding designs. The cladding is also available in various thicknesses depending on your preference. The coating is a way to change or alter the style of a home without any major renovations. It is an affordable building material that helps keep the costs low.

Do Not Be Basic

You cannot copy floor plans and templates if you want your home to have a classic contemporary finish. You must be bold in all your choices from the design to the type of materials. You should choose materials that imitate textures that are innovative or uncommon so that your home shows your personality and feels like your own. Choosing unusual materials makes your home look creative, but it also comes down to a reduced cost. You can purchase these materials from commercial suppliers rather than exclusive boutiques that sell at a significantly higher price.


Don’t let the fear of significant digits stop you from having the contemporary home of your dreams. A modern home does not always have to be unattainably expensive. The price always depends on how you decide to go about the construction process.