In today’s world, smart technology is everywhere. It’s probably no surprise that people are finding more and more ways to incorporate it into their homes and daily lives. In fact, the modern house now features advanced electronics not only in the main living areas, but even in the restroom! If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make your bathroom a smarter, more tech-friendly space, here are a few ideas to consider.

Smart Bathroom

Smart Bathroom

The Sink

It’s where you wash hands, brush teeth and more — but how can the bathroom sink become a smarter, modern part of your home? Here are a few ideas:

  • Sensor faucet. You’ve already seen sensor technology in public restrooms, so why not incorporate it into your bathroom at home, too? Even better, sensors help reduce water waste by automatically turning on or off in response to movement.
  • Digitally controlled faucet. Alternatively, you might try a digitally controlled faucet, which lets you set the water temperature to your taste.
  • Touchless faucet. If you go with a touchless faucet, you could enjoy a cleaner sink with less water spotting and soap scum buildup from handling the faucet.
  • Automatic soap dispenser. Not only are they more sanitary, but the beauty of a personal auto dispenser is that you can regulate how much soap releases for each use.
  • Voice-activated mirror. Make your mornings more efficient than ever when you have a virtual assistant programmed into your vanity mirror. Get weather updates, listen to your favorite music or use voice commands as you prepare for the day.


The Toilet

No bathroom is complete without a toilet, and today’s smart technology gives you plenty of options for making your lavatory stand out. Here are some examples:

  • A heated seat. There’s nothing like the luxurious warmth of a heated toilet seat, keeping you cozy the minute you sit down.
  • Bluetooth technology. Combined with an app, Bluetooth toilets make it possible to lift the seat, flush or even play music without touching the commode itself.

The Shower/Tub

Your regular cleaning routine could be a little more efficient and impressive; all it takes are a few smart features, such as:

  • An LED showerhead. Like the idea of having soothing lights or fun colors while you bathe? Want to wake up with a party in your shower every day? An LED showerhead could be the solution.
  • Digital controls. Tricked out with multiple customization options, digitally controlled showers offer the ultimate in a personalized bathing experience. Choose from cool or hot temperatures, take advantage of fully adjustable nozzles and/or enjoy a rainfall showerhead — all possible with this smart technology. Plus, you can set individual preferences for each member of the household.
  • Voice-controlled support. Bring your voice assistant into the shower via a smart showerhead. Now you can preserve all those deep philosophical musings for later, plus control the climate for the perfect shower experience.
  • Smart tub. Take a luxury soak to new levels by incorporating skin-sensing technology. pulsing jets, sound-linked features and mood lights.


Elsewhere in the Bathroom

What other ways can you make your bathroom smarter and more efficient? Here are a few additional fun devices to consider:

  • Towel warmers. Today’s market has a wide range of towel warmers, from simple toggle switches to remote-controlled temperature-regulating technology.
  • Smart scales. Kick the daily weigh-in up a notch with a scale that not only tells you your weight, but also body fat measurements, body mass index, heart rate and more. Some scales are even compatible with fitness apps for more convenience.
  • Motion-activated lighting. Save electricity and watch the lights turn on every time you walk into the bathroom with automatic illumination.

There are so many possibilities to make your bathroom more luxurious, streamlined and/or hands-off with smart technology. Hopefully, the examples above provided plenty of inspiration to upgrade your space. Figure out which features appeal most to you and get smarter in the bathroom.

Author bio: Erica Garland is Content Marketing Manager at Modern Bathroom and has 15-plus years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Modern Bathroom sells a variety of products you would need for any bathroom renovation project. With such a large selection of vanities, faucets, sinks, toilets and showers, Modern Bathroom is sure to have the perfect piece to give your bathroom an updated look.