Security roller shutters are fast becoming the first choice for protection in homes as well as offices. There is a steady growth in the production of security roller shutter installations, and it points out the growing popularity of these shutters for security and protection. If you are thinking of installing security roller shutters, you can look forward to security, privacy, comfort, and energy savings at the touch of a button.

How to Install Security Roller Shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

If you are looking for additional security and insulation for your home, then go for the fully-sealed roller shutters. You will not only prevent potential break-ins but insulate homes and apartments from noise and heat. Those unique designs are just perfect for your precise needs. The roller shutters that cover the windows and doors are made of horizontal slats made of aluminium or steel hinged together.

When installing security roller shutters, you will come across several security features such as locks, profile fillings and other features that build the overall strength of the roller shutter. The central control system in these shutters allows automatic opening and closing.

Motorising Security Roller Shutters

All security roller shutters can become motorised, and an added advantage is that you do away with the tedious handling operations that are carried out manually. You can enjoy the full comfort of a remote control with an RTS motor. There is no need to walk to every room or around the whole house as you just need to press a button. As all these shutters can be controlled from the same point, you can now enjoy a truly connected home. Installing security roller shutters that are motorised means that you get a guaranteed perfect lift and closure. The motor stops automatically if there are any obstacles or if the slats are frozen.

Use of Aluminium for Security Roller Shutters

Most of the security roller shutters are made of aluminium and can be customised as per the needs of the customers. Aluminium is best suited as the primary material as it is lightweight and still exceptionally strong. Using lightweight materials means lower carbon footprints and higher energy efficiency. Another benefit is that the metal is highly resistant to corrosion and thus extends the life of the shutters.

Moreover, the maintenance costs are significantly lowered as well. Aluminium allows several surface treatments like anodization and painting which can build the stress resistance and corrosion resistance. As aluminium is malleable and ductile, one can customise the roller shutters.

Advantages of Installing Security Roller Shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Installing security roller shutters for your home, business or offices means not just adding to the aesthetics, but add to the security, protection and raise energy efficiency.

  • For security: They help to protect the commercial and residential properties against crimes and theft.
  • For fortification: They protect the windows and doors from any strong winds and flying debris that can pose a danger for windows and doors.
  • For protection: They offer protection from the sun and its intense heat, especially during the harsh summer months. The intense sun rays can damage furniture, upholstery, flooring within the building.
  • For energy efficiency: They can work as exceptional insulators and make the property highly energy efficient by lowering the need and consumption of energy.

When looking for manufacturers for installing security roller shutters, ensure that they are reputed, and all their products are tested for resisting strong winds and harsh debris. The prospective clients should enquire about the security features when buying a security roller shutter. Getting shutters installed is one of the best methods of securing your property. Ask the right questions and do thorough research when looking for security roller shutters.