Who does not want to add value to his property? Installing bifold doors is the best way to do that. Before installing, you need to decide the material of the bifold doors. The three main options available in the market are Aluminium, timber and UPVC. Even though aluminium is expensive than UPVC, but they are strong and durable. When it comes to timber, it is costlier than aluminium but it does not offer the same longevity. The performance benefits of aluminium make it the ideal material for bifold doors. Let us discover the key features of this material and benefits of installing aluminium bifold doors and understand why they can be the best option for you.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Melbourne

Aluminium Bifold Doors Melbourne

  • Adjustable hinges which allow easy installation
  • Multi-point security locking
  • Standard and low thresholds
  • Provides excellent weathering
  • Internally beaded frames
  • Flexibility

Benefits of Aluminium bifold doors

What are the benefits of aluminium bifold doors? Let us find out why they have become a popular choice among the crowd.

Low maintenance

Aluminium is a superior material which is both strong and waterproof as compared to UPVC or timber. UPVC and timber door frames look beautiful but need continual maintenance as they expand with heat and stick during hot weather. Fortunately, aluminium frames are easy to maintain as they do not suffer from expansion problems during heat or cold and require only occasional cleaning and fixing to remain in good condition.

Safety and Security

Safety of the property is the biggest concern of all. But thanks to aluminium bifold doors, you can be at peace of mind all the time. They are naturally strong and come with multi-point locking systems to ensure that you are safe.


A good bifold door should have clean lines with more room for glazing. Fortunately, aluminium bifold doors do just that. Now, you can flood your home with natural light using these bifold doors. They are stylish, need less bulky frames and last for decades. Aluminium bifold doors require thin and slim frames and more glass and this helps to create a brighter living space with a maximum view, almost 90% clear. These doors are available in a wide range of colors and style, thanks to their versatility.

Durable and long lasting

Aluminium Bifold Doors Melbourne

Aluminium Bifold Doors Melbourne

Aluminium bifold doors are waterproof and not susceptible to damage. Another fantastic benefit is that they are easy to use and do not rust or corrode over the years. They are durable and are a better investment in the long run. The stability of aluminium bifold doors makes it effortlessly easy to operate. The tracks are built of superior quality which ensures that they are meant to last a lifetime.


Bifolds made of aluminium are known for their quality and performance. Aluminium being eco-friendly, can be recycled without any quality or performance loss.

Thermal efficient

Aluminum bifold doors are thermal efficient and reduce the transfer of heat as they feature multi-chamber frame and thermal breaks. This, in turn, can reduce the energy and heating bills. Also, you will be able to enjoy the living spaces at any time of the day without having to worry about the drop in the temperature outside!


Almiminium bifold doors come in a combination of layouts. You can choose from the wide range of options. Also, since there are large ranges of colors available, you have the flexibility to choose which colors should be on the inside part of the frame and which colors on the outside facing frame.

Apart from offering the above benefits, aluminium bifold doors are quick and easy to install. All these benefits make it the ideal option for your home.