If you have found yourself working from home due to the pandemic and will be in the future with the world of work changing or if you have your own business and need somewhere more permanent to work from a home office could be the perfect solution. Working from a dining room table is fine, but it can be hard to switch off in the evening when your computer is right there. With a home office you can close the door and forget about work for the evening.


There are so many benefits to changing your conservatory into your home office. Your conservatory will be a lot quieter compared to other parts of the home and you will have the benefit of walking straight out onto your garden for any lunches and break times. Here is how we would suggest creating the office conservatory of your dreams.

The Set Up

The first thing to do is to make sure you have the right set up for your needs. This will vary depending on the line of work you are in. The two most important factors of any home office will of course be electricity sockets and WiFi. Take a quick stock of how many sockets you have available to you and where they are located and compare this to how many electrical items you have. Once you have done this you will be able to slowly figure out where everything can go.

Check your WiFi coverage early on as this could be a disaster if you create the whole office and realise there is no internet coverage in there. Once these two things are sorted you will want to think about safety. Assess your space and make sure any safety precautions are taken.

Natural Lighting

A conservatory naturally allows a lot of light into the room and this is likely the reason why you love this room. You may however want to reduce sun glare from your screen and stop your space from overheating.

What is the solution? A Guardian Warm Roof system. The lightweight insulated guardian room system was designed and developed over ten years with the purpose to replace glass roofs and the cons that come with them. Guardian Warm Roofs focus on the dynamics and performance and help with temperature control and sun glare. The best part of this is it will by no means compromise your gorgeous views.


Choosing the right furniture is imperative, it is likely that you will be spending a lot there which means you want to be comfortable. Invest in some furniture that will protect your back against posture problems if you are sitting for long periods, drawers for all of your belongings and a second computer screen for example if needed. Your needs will change depending on your job, and you can always add to the office as you work.

It’s All In The Details

You have all of your base items, a desk, a chair ect… but now you need to think about the details. Make your conservatory a home with pictures, pillows, throws, plants, anything that makes you feel at home and comfortable. Make sure you have the practical items too such as coasters, pens and even a footrest if you need it.