The entrance gates on your property are, of course, very important; aside from the obvious security aspect, the gates reflect the character of the home, and with a choice of materials, bespoke residential gating solutions offer the homeowner a chance to boost the kerb appeal of their property. How does one know when it is time to replace the gates? Here are a few tell-tale signs.

Replace Your Gates

  • Difficulty in Opening and Closing – Residential gates, much like most things, have a limited lifespan and gates that were erected 5-10 years ago would probably develop such an issue, which would be due to the metal components wearing down.
  • Damaged Electric Motor – The motor is a major component with automated gates and if it has reached the end of its life, you are advised to replace the entire gate with something made to measure. A good quality motor should last many years, and with the latest generation, the motor and the running gear is located underground.
  • Gate Deterioration – If you have timber gates and they have seen better days, you might be able to repaint, but if the timber is already in a state of decay, why not replace them with seasoned hardwood gates? Modern gating can come in timber, metal, aluminium and wrought iron, and by choosing something in line with your property, you are also adding value.
  • Inadequate Security – Large gates mean you are not able to see who is outside and if this is a worry, you can order new gates that incorporate hi-tech security, such as a two-way intercom, keypad access control and even a CCTV camera pointing at the entrance, so you can see who is there before opening the gates.
  • Rust Damage – If your steel gates have been affected by rust, the best solution is to commission a new set, using a material that will not rust or decay. Corrosion can be a problem, especially in coastal areas, and stainless-steel or aluminium are the ideal choices. If you are unsure, simply call in a gate expert and ask them for their professional opinion and if they feel the gates are repairable, you can compare the cost with replacing the gates. It is pointless repainting the gates if the material is compromised, which is something an expert could decide.

Home security is more important than ever, especially during a global pandemic such as the one we are experiencing at present. With the right security, you can rest assured that your entrance is protected. It may be time to secure your home with automated gates, and there’s a top UK company you can rely on for that.

While it might be possible to carry out repairs, this is not a long-term solution and if your entrance gates have seen better days, talk to a leading bespoke gating company and see what they have to offer. Such a company would have many years of hands-on experience designing, fabricating and installing residential gating across the UK, and with their expertise, the perfect set of gates can be created.