One thing that technology has not accomplished is to make a broken glass window repair in situations. Many glue or tubes have tried to repair the broken glass, but these all only add up to the disaster and make it look more vulnerable. The best option for making window glass repair is to replace the whole glass and put up a new one. There can be different types of repairing for single plane and double pane window glasses. With the metallic frames however, the window glass re-adjustment might be a different thing altogether.  You would need to follow just simple steps in order to make window glass repair.

The Below Steps Should Be Done Using Safety Rubber Gloves and Safety Goggles

Window Glass Repair

Window Glass Repair

Steps 1: Tape a cross-like pattern using a duct tape on the broken area to hold the broken glass so that when you take out the glass from the window pane, no shards of the glass spread on the place you are working, making it messy and even dangerous. If it is a wooden window pane, it will need much repairing since it can be susceptible to the inclemency of weather.

Step 2: Removing the door of the window whose glass is broken would make your work easier. So detach the frame and place it on the table or floor covered with newspapers. This would make your work easy when you are done with window glass repair. This has to be done after measuring the width, height, length and thickness of the window glass.

Step 3: If the glass has traditional glazing, then first soften the old putty by a heat torch and scrape it using a putty knife. For windows with vinyl or metal sash, pry out the vinyl or remove the metal clads to take out the window pane.

Step 4: Using a sandpaper, remove any excess shards or old putty left in the corner and even things out.

Step 5: Place the new glass pane on the frame carefully. Make sure that the new glass pane is exactly the size of the old glass pane. Before buying, have the accurate measures so that you don’t have to run back and forth just to get the right size of the glass pane. Never think of cutting a glass by yourself to make it right without having specific tools and safety equipment.

Step 6: Seal the glass using glazing compound or putty. In order to hold it tightly, you can also attach small metal clips at equidistant space. Smooth the putty using a putty knife and remove the excess with the help of a wet cloth, and let it dry for at least two days.

Step 7: Paint the window frame to give it a refreshing new look. Lap the paint slightly on the edges so as to completely seal the window pane, protecting it from different weather conditions too.

Following the Steps to Make Your Window Glass Repairing Process Easier:

Window Glass Repair

Window Glass Repair

Following these steps would help you to make window glass repair an easy task. If you think that the problem is much bigger for you to handle, then never hesitate in considering a professional to do the task effectively. With just a couple of bucks you could be spared of the heavy duty that was daunted upon you and in addition, you could get a totally new framed window. Professionals are organized and know their job. They could not only help you in making window glass repair but also could give you advice on how to protect the glass from breaking from some unknown fault of yours. When working on window glass repair, make sure no kids are around and you are working at a safe place.