Improving the value and curb appeal of your home is something that every homeowner works towards on a regular basis. Once a homeowner we begin to think about ways in which to improve and add value to our home. A walkway is often not top of that list but is something you see on a daily basis and taking the time to spruce up your walkway will not only add value but improve the aesthetic appearance of your home. When upgrading a walkway there is a range of things that you will need to think about. As with any home improvement project, it is vital to review your finances and understand just how much the project will cost, understand the materials needed, manpower needed and then forecast for an ideal amount that you want to spend.


This article will give you some food for thought as you begin to renovate your walkway and surrounding areas of your property.

What are the main types of Aggregate to use?

As with any home improvement project, one of the main aims is to improve how your home looks to passers-by, neighbours and anyone visiting the home. Aggregate is one of the most important choices that you have to make when upgrading your walkway! Two of the most common choices of aggregate are outlined below.

Red Granite

Red Granite Aggregate is one of the most commonly used forms of aggregate for walkway upgrades – it looks great when dry and even better when wet producing some great deep reds and vibrant maroon colours. It is a highly durable material and will stand the test of time and also varying weather conditions.

Red Gravel

Red Gravel can often be mistaken for Red Granite but lacks the same quality and also same colour. Gravel refers to a mix of stones, debris and aggregate in one. The bag you receive may not be uninformed and although the colour may be similar to red granite that is where the similarities start and end.

We strongly recommend that when you are looking to work on a walkway project that you are actively seeking out different samples of the aggregate to then compare and trial. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands on aggregate that looks nice online but once you have it in person it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations.

Red Gravel

Red Gravel

How else can you decorate your walkways?

In addition to red granite or gravel, there are many other ways for walkways to be upgraded. One of the most used methods is to add greenery, plants and trees to the surroundings of the walkway itself. Trees are great for your walkways and are able to add extra height and structure to the desired path you would like people to take. Similarly, during summer it is a great idea to think about lighting – adding some solar-powered lanterns and other items to your walkway can create a great ambience when entertaining guests.

A final thought

When working on your home improvement project it is vitally important to cross-check all that you have done and understand how much things cost. Some great ways to do this are by using tools to calculate gravel and also tools to calculate the aggregate needed for your project(s) this way you are able to see how much is needed and get an overall picture of the costings for your project!