There are a few home improvements that you can invest in your home that will add value to your home These home improvements would at least get you a return on investment if you invest in them. It’s always a good idea to switch it up every now and then but only within reason – to ensure you’re not looking at the same thing all the time and to make sure you don’t get bored. Invest in home improvements for an improved life at home. Before you start your home renovation be sure to look at this checklist.

A Reasonable Kitchen

Reasonable Kitchen

Reasonable Kitchen

One of the biggest targets for home improvement is the kitchen because it is such a communal area for everybody. Everybody cooks, washes dishes or has late night refrigerator visits. If a kitchen is remodeled within reason, it would be a great return on investment and add a good amount of value to your home.

When we say within reason, we mean not to splurge on a kitchen renovation but to upgrade it so that it suits the rest of the house and neighborhood. Renovating for a deluxe kitchen proves to be not worth it because it ruins the flow of the whole house.

Upgrades in appliances and fixtures can exponentially change the feel of your kitchen with a touch of new cabinets or splash-back will do. As long as it looks better than before and it fits the style of the home, then you’ve made a good and valuable home improvement.

Basement Remodel

Home Improvements

Basement Remodel

An investment would be having a basement remodel – it might be a little costly however having a fully renovated basement is an extra room or an extra living space and that could tremendously help with your home value.

Not only does it look really good in photos than a dark and damp basement, it completes the house tour when buyers are prospecting your house.

It’s a one time investment and after that, even if you aren’t thinking of selling, it’s a great place to have gatherings and include rooms that normally don’t flow well with the rest of the house.

You’ll need a reputable contractor and dumpster rental company to help you with this basement remodel. Make sure you do your research.

An Income Suite

This only applies to houses with large enough basements to create a little mini apartment and rent it out. This definitely is one of the most valuable home improvements one can do because there will be a constant flow of income coming straight from the home improvement. It basically pays for itself until it starts paying you.

With having this income suite, it would be helpful to hire a lawyer to draw up a contract because you’re going to be an official landlord and it’s good to have something legal that ties the renter to responsibility. It’s a great way to protect your investment and ensure that it continues to be a steady flow of income.




We don’t mean wall to wall carpeting. Many home buyers are looking for hardwood because it’s easy to throw a rug on top of it in order to get that carpet texture and feel. A lot of people are willing to pay that extra bit for a good hardwood floor that’s well kept and looks good.

If you are going to do hardwood make sure it’s a finish that goes with the colours of the wall. Bear in mind that smaller spaces usually do better with lighter surroundings because it gives a great illusion of space and darker wood is great for looking chic and sleek but does size down the space.

Carpeting is flooring that does not have any return on investment because people don’t prefer it. A lot of carpet captures smells and stains really easily and a maintenance to professionally clean and dry. Invest in flooring that home buyers will love and rather have.

Don’t Put Off Care and Maintenance

This is the ultimate investment for your home… taking care of it. If you take care of every little aspect of your home, it will be easier to sell and everything will be in good shape – there will be no reason for you to knock down the price because of a faulty light or for a system repair because it’s cared for and maintained.

Investing your time and money on the care and maintenance of your home will not only make it look great but feel brand new all the time. In the end, it also saves you money because replacement and repairing fees are much more heftier than the care and maintenance fees.

Home Begins at the Front Door

A great thing you can improve is the curb appeal and the welcoming entrance of your home. Judge a book by its cover and make sure the cover looks real good. Paint your door for a great way to stand out and look welcoming, make sure your doorbell rings and your door doesn’t creak when you open it.

Another way to improve the curb appeal is to maintain your front lawn and shrubs. Not to go all out and make it the most extravagant front lawn you’ve ever seen because then it wouldn’t suit the rest of the neighborhood. But making it look kept makes it look very attractive and appealing to the eye.

Bathroom Addition

Bathroom Addition

Bathroom Addition

A bathroom remodel and addition, if you have the space, will add value to your home. A two and a half bathroom home will sell better to families looking for a home. A simple powder room and a bathroom separate from the kids will always sound appealing.

Any master bedroom without an ensuite isn’t really a master bedroom, right? The whole point of an ensuite is so that you can get ready in your room without having to leave it. Adding that extra bathroom, whether it be a second bathroom for the rooms or an ensuite will be useful and convenient and that’s what home buyers will be paying for.

If you do a bathroom remodel, making it look clean and pristine will be the number one priority. If everything looks new and barely used, it saves the home buyers from doing it themselves and it gives you the extra buck.