DIY. How hard can it be? Those famous last words that normally precede a task that is in fact a lot harder than you ever thought it could be. However, some tasks can easily be beaten with the right equipment and a little know-how. While I wouldn’t recommend attempting to re-wire the house if you’ve got no electrical experience, something like hiring a mini digger really isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

Mini Digger

Mini Digger

If you’re taking on a renovation project over the next few months you may have looked into the cost of hiring a digger and a driver for the day and been a bit put off – with prices in the region of £150 per day that’s totally understandable. However, did you ever consider just hiring the digger? This can cut the cost to just a third – only £50 per day! To those with no experience of driving such a machine, this may seem like a crazy prospect but bare with me as I talk you through the process.

Firstly you need to consider the type of work you’ll be doing. While you might think the obvious tasks like digging holes or trenches may be the only thing suited to a mini digger they are in fact far more versatile. Levelling off a garden becomes a much easier task with a digger – why spend hours moving the earth by hand (and putting up with the aching muscles the next day!) when you can complete the task in a fraction of the time and save the strain on your body. Smaller diggers such as the JCB doorway models even allow you to level off floors in your home as they will fit through a standard sized doorway! Another task you may not have considered suitable for machine use is tearing down structures. If you’ve got an old outbuilding, shed or even an internal wall or two that needs to come down don’t reach for the sledgehammer just yet! Many mini diggers can be rented with additional attachments including claws and drills to make sure your building will come down in the quickest time with the least effort, and you’ll be able to drop the debris straight into the skip at the end of the day.

Once you’ve worked out what sized digger and attachments you need and have them delivered it’s time to focus on the most important thing; machine safety. Always read the manufacturers instructions and make sure you operate in line with them – use the correct fuel, operate the attachments for their intended use only and wear the correct equipment. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the safety aspect I’d suggest heading to Youtube – there are many videos that will walk you through how to operate your digger to achieve your goals quickly and safely. After watching a video or two I’d suggest finding a small open area to practice in – it makes perfect after all. This will avoid any inadvertent damage and give you the confidence to attack any DIY task with vigour.

Once you’ve completed your task you’ll realise just how much you’ll have benefited from hiring your digger: there’ll be no new tools to find storage space for, your body won’t be aching, you’ll complete the work in much quicker time and you’ll have learned a new skill in the process. Good luck with hiring your digger and turning your DIY tasks into an enjoyable afternoon!