A Home without a carpet is incomplete. People these days have started using carpet mats widely in the interior designing field. Most interior designers have started suggesting designer carpet mats for the clients to improve the elegance of a place.

Carpets are generally spread in the living rooms or the bedrooms, and there are different kinds of mats that you can use to increase the overall beauty of the floor and home. It’s easy to spend on an expensive carpet, but it takes a lot when it comes to the maintenance of the same. In this article.

Carpet Mats

Carpet Mats

Few Important Tips That Can Help You To Maintain Your Carpets

    1. Clean them regularly with appropriate cleaner: It is important to clean your carpets You must not wait until and unless the maximum dust gets accumulated in order to give them a thorough wash. Cleaning the carpets regularly is going to improve the overall lifespan of the mat. But only if the cleaner is as per manufactures recommendation.
    2. Keep the pets away from the carpets: Most of the dogs and cats shed hair seasonally, and if it gets stuck to the mats, it becomes extremely difficult to clean it. Therefore, keeping your pets away from the carpet mats is one of the most important maintenance tips that you must follow.
    3. Avoid dirty feet: If the colour of the carpet is extremely light, even the slightest of slight dirt can spoil the overall beauty of the carpet mats. Especially if you end up walking with dirty feet, it becomes extremely difficult when it comes to the cleaning process. The tiny particles of mud can quickly go deeper into the carpet mats leaving permanent discoloration on the mats.
    4. Give it to laundry: If the carpet is huge, it is important that you choose to give it to the laundry services. At the laundry, they would follow a systematic method to clean the carpet completely. Washing heavy carpets at home is not just impossible, but it is extremely difficult as well. The machines that are used in the laundry would be really huge, and it becomes easy for them to clean the carpets completely and give them back to you.
    5. Do not expose the carpet to too much of heat: After you wash the carpet, it is important to drive them in temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. Exposing the carpet to too much heat is also going to cause discoloration, and it can also reduce the quality of the carpet quickly.
    6. Use vacuum cleaners: Most of the carpet mats stitched will fill tiny holes where a lot of dust gets accumulated regularly. Using vacuum cleaners on the carpets to clean them will help you to remove those tiny dust particles quickly and keep the carpet spick and span.
    7. Treat the spills instantly: Never leave the carpet with spills of coffee, milk, food ext. because it will not only become difficult to remove stains but also it will become home to bacteria.
    8. Avoid heals: Wearing heals is fascinating but walking with them on carpet is not a good idea as they can damage the carpet thread.
    9. Baking Soda: Sprinkle some soda on your mat and leave it for few minutes and then clean it with the vacuum cleaner you will see the difference yourself.
    10. Don’t drag furniture: If there is a need to move the furniture don’t drag it over the carpet it can tear it apart.


These are some of the maintenance tips that you can follow when you are planning to maintain your carpet like a brand new one all the time. People that are obsessed with the cleanliness of the carpet mats must certainly think of following these commandments to have a clean home.