Everyone remembers their childhood bedroom. No matter how old you are, you can think back to that bedspread or quilt, the stuffed animal or toy that was usually on your bed, and the pictures hanging on your wall.

If you’re lucky, when someone says the word “home” there’s a small corner of your heart where a snapshot of that room glows.

Which is why making your little one happy with a room that’s on the magical side is one of the most memorable, kindest things you can do.

You may be tempted to pattern the whole room off their current favorite movie character. The only problem is that this may only be their favorite character until the next movie comes out.

Instead, you might want to go with a general Disney theme with Mickey Mouse as a central character, and then add a Frozen pillow to the bed that can easily be replaced with a Mulan doll or an Onward action figure.

But first, figure out the foundation of the room.

Mickey Ears

Mickey Ears

The Foundation

If you’re going full Disney, you might want to choose one wall for a focal point. You can add a mural of Disney characters with Mickey front and center, the Matterhorn, or maybe you’ll want to paint Sleeping Beauty’s castle as a backdrop for your little one’s dreams. If you’re seriously artistically challenged like me, you may be able to snag an art student from your local college who would appreciate some cash.

You can also look at some Disney wallpaper. Be careful that it isn’t too busy if you want to use the paper on all the walls.

A Collection

Consider displaying your child’s Disney collectibles in a decorative way. Presley Couture carries a huge variety of affordable Mickey Ears. Get a large frame without the glass or a cute display board, and peg several pairs of ears to the wall, but make them removable so your cutie can still use them for dress-up

If you’re big park goers, you could also make a display of collectible pins or whatever represents your family traditions. You could even frame a map of the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Ears

Mickey Ears

The Bed

The bed is always a focal point, so don’t neglect to go big. There are actual Mickey Mouse beds, but you might want to consider a simpler painted bed frame and decorate with an adorable quilt or bedspread. This way, if your child ever wants to redecorate, they can still use the bed and just change the decor.

Extra Touches

There’s plenty of Mickey clocks, lamps and other decorative touches out there to complete the look. Consider, however, some elements that are Disney-esque but not solely Mickey to add a bit of whimsy and variety to the room. For instance, you can find lamps that look like a fireworks display or one made out of teacups.

You can also look up some DIY craft projects that can add a lot to a room while saving a bit of money.

Good luck! Your child is going to love their room.