After spending a lot of time at home during this last year, many of us want to change the look of our homes, especially the living room. One of the best ways to add beauty and comfort to a living room is to replace the sofa and upholstered chairs. It also helps to give the room a thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint. A gallon of paint goes a long way in providing a fresh background for the new seating pieces you want to purchase.

Consider Different Types or Styles of Sofas


There are at least ten types of sofas to choose from when you are shopping for Flexsteel furniture or other quality furniture brands. Though it is convenient to choose the sofa and chairs from the same manufacturer, you can mix and match for a more interesting look. The right furniture store will have custom fabrics available for all their upholstered furniture, so you can personalize each piece for a coordinated rather than matched set. Most furniture stores carry several good brands of upholstered furniture.

Some different types of sofas to consider include:

  • Mid-century or contemporary sofas with clean lines and an emphasis on comfort
  • Leather sofas in many styles
  • A modern Chippendale sofa with simple lines
  • A Bridgewater sofa with low arms, tailored skirt, and a rolled back. The English roll arm sofa is similar but with exposed legs
  • The camel-back sofa has an arched back and exposed legs
  • The Chesterfield sofa has high arms and a deep seat. It also features diamond tufting
  • A rattan, cane, or wicker sofa gives a more casual look to a room and also cottage charm. They can be dressed up for a more formal look.
  • A tuxedo sofa has arms and back the same height and you choose whether to add cushions
  • The French cabriolet sofa has a fancy exposed wood frame with a tight back and a single bench cushion
  • Sectional sofas give more seating room but require more space

In addition to the main types of sofas are hybrid designs that combine features from several styles. Also, the sofa or chairs can be purchased as recliners, in a smaller love seat version, and with tufted backs or with back cushions. The seats can have a single bench cushion, two cushions, or three cushions. Some sofas are futons that lower into a bed or the sofa can be a sleeper sofa with a mattress and springs hidden inside them to be pulled out for guest sleeping.

Sofas Can be Customized With Fabrics or Leather

In addition to choosing the style of sofa and the cushions you want, you have coverings to choose from including upholstery fabric, microfiber textiles, faux leather, and real leather. This gives you hundreds of fabric choices at different price points. When choosing the coverage for the new sofa, take into consideration the durability factor and how easy the covering will be to clean and maintain. Choose the color and design fabric that will coordinate with the room’s decor in a harmonious way.

Criteria For Choosing a Sofa

When choosing a sofa for the living room, consider several factors including the style of decor you have in the room, the maintenance level the sofa will require, and the durability of the sofa and its covering. In the end, make sure to pick the sofa that is comfortable, high-quality for durability, and well-suited to the room it will go in.

Remember to measure your room and doorways before shopping for a sofa. Then measure the sofa’s length, height, and depth to make sure it will go into the room and fit in the space you want it. There is nothing worse than getting the sofa delivered only to find out the delivery people can not get it into the room.