Spring comes as the most favorable season to clean up junk and give our homes a fresh look and feel. It is that time of the year when it is neither too hot nor too cold. This makes it even more suitable to consider giving your home a fresh new coat of paint. Painting your home not only brings out its curb appeal but also depicts you as a responsible owner. At Elite Finishing LLC, we help you freshen up your home for spring with affordable exterior painting.

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Reasons To Paint Your House This Spring

There is no doubt that you can paint the exterior of your home at any time of the year. However, various reasons make spring the most convenient season to do it. As we have earlier mentioned, the temperatures are favorable for a paint job to produce outstanding results. Below we will highlight a few reasons why you should consider painting your home exterior this spring. 

The Weather Conditions Are Favorable

Finding the right time to paint your house exterior can be tricky, depending on where you live. The weather plays a significant role when it comes to deciding the perfect time. When it is too cold, perhaps say during winter, the applied paint will fail to bond with the surface. That means your hard work, inclusive of the time invested and materials, will go to waste. 

Exterior Painting

The same applies to when the weather is too hot. Heat and humidity can have adverse effects on your painting project. You may be wondering why because we have known that warm conditions are needed to dry up anything. When freshly applied exterior paint experiences too much heat, it dries up before binding more direct sunlight. As a result, you will notice premature peeling off or cracking. 

On a familiar note, rain is a well-known enemy of fresh paint. Whether it rains before or after you paint, both scenarios will affect the quality of the results. Do not paint on wet surfaces, as the coat will peel off after a short period. You can guess what will happen if you paint a fresh coat just before it rains. Put aside all your exterior painting plans when rain is in the forecast. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to do your exterior painting during spring when the weather is friendly. 

You Get The Right Price

Many painters come out during spring to market their services at affordable rates. They rarely get contracts during winter because homeowners are wary of the weather conditions. Instead, landlords schedule their painting projects for spring when the temperatures are moderate, and painters are available. 

Due to the high influx of painters, the market gets saturated, and the rates fall significantly. Exterior painting contractors quote affordable prices, making it the perfect season for you to paint your home. You score a double by getting the services of a professional painter at the lowest price.

You Get A Professional Painter 


As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. This also applies to booking a professional exterior painter during spring. It is advisable to start getting quotes from different painters early and compare them on time. You will be able to hire the painter early before they get too busy. The secret behind this is because the painter will have enough time to attend to you attentively. You have enough time to consult them for advice on paint choice, and they will deliver exceptional results. Late bookings when the painters are overbooked may result in haphazard works that are not satisfactory. 

Perfect Season To Repair Winter Damage

After a turbulent winter season, spring presents the perfect opportunity for you to restore your home’s exterior. Heavy snowfall leaves behind a trail of destruction on your exterior paintwork. As you well know, exposure to moisture to paint leads to peeling, swelling, blistering, and flaking. 

You may also notice mold and mildew on painted exterior surfaces. All these end up degrading the visual appeal of your home, and only fresh paint can help. When the spring season beckons, you should call a professional exterior painter to come and inspect your home. This gives them ample time to assess the damage and prepare a quote. You save a lot if you make a habit of repainting your exteriors during spring, as delayed repairs would lead to higher costs. 

Exterior painting remains the top choice home improvement project to give your house a noticeable makeover. It is a cost-effective upgrade, mainly when done by professionals. Don’t be left out. Freshen up your home with affordable exterior painting from Elite Finishing LLC.