Are you still designing your child’s room with the idea of ​​designing your room? Do not do this.

Think of yourself as a child and choose your favorite design ideas.

If you don’t have a lot of ideas, then you can look at the 45 little inspirations we have provided for you to help you design your children’s bedroom.

1 Children’s room storage

Have you seriously thought about the storage of children’s rooms?

The storage of children’s rooms, you need to consider not only the storage of children, saving space is so simple.

Storage should be properly placed to ensure your child is safe to play.

It should be easy to clean when holding a baby.

No need to buy drawers and cabinets for storage solutions. You can creatively transform existing furniture into functional storage. It is more helpful to save space in your child’s room.

You can hang some wooden boxes on the wall to store small items such as toys. Turn the existing bookshelf into a storage station. The workbench will be stored as a rest area and kindergarten clothing.

It’s a good idea to save space in your kids room, so the baby has enough floor play time zones.

2 Children’s room ceiling design concept

do you know? The ceiling is a place that children often notice.

The ceiling is a focal point, and it is important to add contrast and pattern to the ceiling design. It will attract your baby’s attention and will also stimulate your baby’s vision.

Therefore, parents should not ignore the ceiling of the baby room.

The attractive lighting on the ceiling seems to be great, and the children’s room looks dazzling.

Children's Room
Children’s room ceiling design

3 Children’s room ideas for travel themes

Did you have a dream of traveling around the world when you were young? Your child may also have it.

The World Travel Theme Baby Room is a unique concept that decorates a haven for adventurer babies.

Applying a World Travel Map on the wall will show you many countries that your baby can see in one day.

Travel themes are not only interesting but also educational. Your child will learn how to travel around the world. It highlights your child’s dream of becoming a traveler one day.

Children's room ideas for travel themes
Children’s room ideas for travel themes

4 Provide a comfortable area for parents

Your work may be busy, busy enough to ignore the growth of your child?

If you can get a comfortable world in a children’s room, you may be willing to spend more time with your child.

Comfortable area for parents
Comfortable area for parents

5 Children’s bedroom lighting concept

Are you using your same lamp for your baby?

Don’t do this, your baby’s vision is more susceptible to light damage.

Choose a dimmable, low color temperature, high CRI index

Choose high-quality eye protection to protect your child’s eyesight from an early age.

Children's bedroom lighting
Children’s bedroom lighting

6 Children’s room creative colors and patterns

Should the color of the children’s room be bright or soft?

Of course, parents want their children to be the best. Choosing the right bedroom color can affect your baby’s behavior and physical development.

Although bold colors are best suited for your baby’s visual stimuli, soft neutral tones are recommended to soften the atmosphere of the room. These colors will be combined with bold embellishments and patterns.

Children's room creative colors and patterns
Children’s room creative colors and patterns

7 Personalized children’s room initials idea

Many parents feel that this is the room we have prepared for our children, and it is rarely felt that this is the child’s own room.

Create a room for your child with his name.

When he remembers, he will feel that this room belongs to him, he will feel the freedom and exclusive feeling, which is very beneficial to his personal growth.

8 Sports pipeline

Do you remember the tunnel that your child likes at the playground? It’s better to add a copy to your own home.

In this room, a tunnel-shaped leisure venue filled with her favorite animal plush toys.

They look cute, right?

9 Wall childlike paintings

Children’s room paintings must be treated with childlike eyes

It’s also a good idea to pick some naive paintings.

Wall childlike paintings
Wall childlike paintings

10 Hanging pendant

do you know? Things that move and make a sound are more attractive to your child.

Hanging artwork makes your daughter’s room full of art.

They exude a cheerful atmosphere throughout the room.

11 Special steps

Maybe she is storing the toy in a hidden place.

And this place can be reached by a ladder.

It is a secret base that belongs only to her.

12 Magical Lego worlds

Is your little guy combined with Lego?

If so, this is one of the best ideas for your boys bedroom.

From the ceiling to the floor, everything is related to Lego.

13 Nature green match

Your child will undoubtedly want to lie in a comfortable sleeping space.

Children who live in nature from a young age are often free and kind.

We are very sure that the nature decoration plan will immediately attract them.

14 Toy house game room

Who doesn’t want to have a game room?

Let your child play in the game room for an afternoon, you can have more time to work.

15 Bunk beds

Are you also the mother of several children?

Then we need not only a bed, but the room is not as big as we think.

Bunk beds can solve your troubles very well.

Then, each bunk bed has a staircase for easy access to the upper bed.

Bunk beds
Bunk beds

16 Blackboard style cabinet

Perhaps you want to develop a responsible and logical habit of children from childhood.

A blackboard-style cabinet can let her know the responsibility.

17 Rest bed

Usually the bed is rectangular, but not suitable for the child’s rest area.

They need a comfortable cot that can lie on top of them at any time.

The climbing bed is perfect for active girls. It keeps her healthy and happy.

18 Slides

You won’t deny that the slide is one of the kids’ favorite places?

The slide that kids like to have is a great choice in the kids room.

19 Plush toys

No girl doesn’t like plush toys.

Especially animal plush toys.

You can show a lot of animal plush toys in the attic bedroom. They are located on wooden shelves.

Plush toys
Plush toys

20 Superhero fantasy

If your boy likes a superhero, go ahead and pursue this idea.

We guarantee that your little man will be very excited when they walk into the room.

Because you turn their dreams into reality.

21 3D Wood Tree Wall Art

Big trees can give children a sense of security.

Setting the wood tree art on the wall may have a good effect.

22 Painted dinosaur wall decals

How many children are fascinated by Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs are a never-ending childlike topic

Apply a dinosaur wall applique to make your child’s room full of mystery.

23 Hanging a round soft bed on the ceiling

Perhaps the rest bed does not have to occupy the space of the room, but hangs in the air like a cradle.

A slight shaking of the simulated cradle allows the child to fall asleep faster.

Hanging a round soft bed on the ceiling
Hanging a round soft bed on the ceiling

24 Arrange a sofa bed in the corner of the room

The small sofa bed not only allows the child to rest, but also allows the adults to sit down at will.

Imagine that your child is sitting in a toy, even if you are sitting, this scene is very beautiful.

25 With colorful pillows

Are you still choosing a very plain color for the pillow?

Try colorful pillows

Bright colors can increase your child’s sensitivity to color and be more visually beautiful.

26 Put the carpet on the floor

Haven’t you laid a carpet on the floor yet?

The carpet will keep you and your child’s eyes and feet very comfortable.

27 Climbing wall

Your little one likes to exercise. Why don’t you give this good idea a chance?

You can take advantage of your high ceilings by making a family climbing wall. They will obviously be very happy.

Climbing wall
Climbing wall

28. Fairytale Palace

Your child will dream of becoming a queen or a princess.

You can fill the room with pink things, dolls, filled unicorns and angel wings.

Think of the impressive master bedroom idea This is the little girl for you.

29 Installation of blooming flower chandeliers

Even the chandeliers are full of blooming flowers, and this room will be beautiful.

30 Stickers on the wall with sparkling stars

Move the starry sky to your home.

Glittering stars are placed on the wall, and the lights are the universe.

31 Fun reading corner

It is very important for your child to develop a habit of reading and learning from childhood.

Create a fun reading corner.

Reading can make them meditate, learn to love and be loved.

32 Cute wallpapers

Decorating the children’s room seems to be difficult to get started.

In fact, a simple way to decorate a room is to apply cute wallpapers.

Wallpapers should bring concepts and themes that match the children’s furniture in the room.

For example, an art print of a tree with some birds will match the wooden cribs and cabinets you own. It brings a natural look and calm tones to enhance your baby’s positive emotions.

Cute wallpapers
Cute wallpapers

33 Soft cushion

Don’t be afraid to let your children wrestle, but also protect them from falling.

Put a cushion on them and let them run freely, because the toy also landed safely when it collapsed.

Soft cushion
Soft cushion

34 Blackboard stand

Children often don’t seem to listen to you.

Children seem to like to draw on the wall

Buying a blackboard shelf will not bother you anymore.

You can write the words you need to note, and you can let the children write them themselves.

Blackboard stand
Blackboard stand

35 Puzzle box

It is not difficult to develop a child’s ability to do it.

Buy a puzzle box and you can

Let the children do their own puzzles and you can free your hands.

36 Cabinet design

Children prefer colored cabinets than white and black

Give the cabinet some rich colors is a good choice

37 Tent

Tents are not only suitable for camping enthusiasts.

Children tend to prefer the security of this small space.

Building a tent is a good way to meet your needs.

38 Bedside railing

Children like to roll on the bed, but they are afraid of falling.

A bedside guardrail can solve your troubles.

Protect your child and heal your emotions for your child.

Bedside railing
Bedside railing

39 Cute little stools

The child really likes to sit on the cool ground.

It is better to buy a few cute little stools to prevent colds and win the hearts of children.

40 children hanger

Your child needs a hanger that they can reach.

Place a children’s hanger to give them the freedom to choose clothes.

41 Built-in toy cabinet

Too many toys, too messy, is it a problem you have to worry about when you organize your room?

An embedded toy cabinet will help you solve your troubles

42 Children’s swing

It seems that all children like to shake things. It’s like being in your parents’ arms as a child.

Adding a children’s swing may allow the child to have fun playing for an afternoon.

43 Bed curtain

Have you added a curtain to your child’s bed?

Adding a delicate bed curtain can make the child seem to be in the castle.

Bed curtain
Bed curtain

44 Curtains

When the sun rises in the morning, don’t let your child wake up in the sun. You should add a light curtain that is better.

Of course, don’t forget that cuteness must be considered.

45 Light window

The design of the windows is not necessarily trivial and simple.

Perhaps a small window like the Harry Potter movie can evoke a great interest for the child.

A beam of sunlight came in and sprinkled on the bed, which was too good.

Inspired by the children’s room we designed for you, you should also know how to design a perfect room for your child.

Don’t settle on the status quo and apply your inspiration to your children’s room to make your child happier.

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