In recent years, the Airnet system of compressed air piping in aluminum has grown in popularity. More and more customers are actively choosing this type of system over a conventional galvanized steel installation, as we are seeing. The primary advantages of Airnet aluminum compressed air pipes will be looked at.

Airnet system

1. Complete Customization

To provide you complete customization over the design of your system, the Airnet system comes with a wide selection of floor and wall fittings. As a result, you can install your compressed air system to exactly suit your requirements. For example, Airnet makes it simple to install compressed air in all four corners of your workshop or on a mezzanine floor.

2. Utmost Adaptability

The Airnet system’s versatility allows for simple modifications even after the primary installation is complete. You may quickly disassemble and reassemble connections to your compressed air applications to build (or join to) new pipework systems. Without removing any of the primary piping, the Airnet quick drop fittings let you to drill a hole in the side of an existing pipe and fit a new drop. Additionally, Airnet is compatible with all current piping and machinery.

3. Quick & Easy Installation

A standard galvanized steel piping system can take three times as long to install as Airnet aluminum pipework, which results in lower installation costs for the user. Installation is exceedingly straightforward because to the AIRnet assembly technology; no complicated tools or specialized knowledge are needed. Each connection may be made in 3 easy steps: cut the pipe to the desired length, remove burrs, insert the pipe into the fitting at the pre-marked depth, and correctly secure and tighten. Airnet can be installed by one person because it is lightweight and doesn’t need any special equipment.

4. Maximum Uptime

Airnet is not only simple to install but also doesn’t need any additional work, like painting. Airnet pipes are available in the industry-standard colors of blue or green. This translates into the system being re-pressurized as soon as the compressed air piping is put together, minimizing downtime to the bare minimum. Whereas the same task with galvanized steel would take three days or longer, many applications are finished and operational in less than a day.

5. Reliability

A 10-year warranty is provided by Airnet on all pipes and fittings against any damages brought on by material flaws. Since Airnet fittings are constructed of corrosion-free polymer, there is no energy waste and the possibility of air leakage is greatly reduced. You may rest easy knowing that your new piping system is built to last thanks to this.

A high-end option for streamlining your compressed air pipe system is AIRnet. It makes it simple to size, develop, and install a piping network that is exactly suited to your requirements. The cost of installation and maintenance is decreased by the lightweight materials and flexible design. The finest financial decision you can make is to choose AIRnet, which is a safe and dependable solution.