Electricity is immensely useful; however, it is also immensely hazardous. It is important to let trained and experienced professionals handle any of the electrical work that needs to be done in your home.However, homeowners need to be aware of when it is time to call a professional. Some electrical problems may be readily noticeable; however, they can also produce some more subtle signs. Knowing these signs will help you to keep your home safe and well-functioning by helping you to address these problems sooner rather than later.

So, before you call in the professionals at All Electrics, let’s look at six specific household signs that may indicate that you have faulty wiring.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty Wiring

Discolouration Of Outlets

Take a careful look at your household outlets from time to time. If you notice that they are starting to become discoloured or even scorched by heat or fire, then there is a problem with your wiring. Do not continue to use the outlet until you have contacted an electrician.

Incorrect Outlets In Bathroom/Kitchen

Electricity is extremely hazardous when it is combined with water. For this reason, most homes are outfitted with special outlets to reduce the risk of electrical shocks. If your home lacks these, then have an electrician install them right away.

Flickering Or Buzzing Lights

Sometimes, lights can flicker as a result of power fluctuation. This may be more or less frequent depending on the reliability of power in your area or from storms or disasters that may interfere with the flow of electricity to your home. However, if you notice that your household lights are flickering regularly, or if they are emitting a faint buzzing sound, there may be a problem. Be sure to get your wiring system checked out by a professional.

Outlets Emitting Smoke Or Heat

Some electrical devices emit heat. This is an expected side effect of being powered by electricity and is usually incorporated into the design of these products. However, when outlets start to get unusually hot, then there is likely a serious problem. If you notice smoke coming out of an outlet, then immediately remove the device from the outlet. You may need to contact emergency services or a professional electrician right away.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Although it can be inconvenient, it is perfectly normal for the circuit breakers in your home to periodically trip. They are designed to protect your home in the event that there is an overload of power, usually when you are trying to use too many appliances at once.

However, when you start to notice that the occasional circuit breaker trip starts to turn into a regular occurrence, then you need to be aware of the possibility that there is a problem. Keep track of how frequently your circuit breakers are going off. If it seems like a regular thing or if it is far more than usual with no identifiable cause, then contact an electrician to take a look.

Chewed Or Damaged Wiring

While you might not always be able to notice this sign, it is important to be able to spot any wiring that may be damaged by rodents or pests in your home. Exposed wiring that has been chewed is highly dangerous. It can potentially spark a fire or simply lead to serious problems with the accessibility of electricity in your home. Be sure to address any damaged wiring as soon as possible.

Keep Your Home Safe

Faulty wiring presents a serious hazard to your home. To protect your household and the structure of your home, be sure to address any issues you have with your wiring right away. If you notice any of these six signs in your own home, then get in touch with a professional electrician as soon as you can.