People renovate for a lot of reasons. Some homeowners want to have a comfortable home, effectively improving their quality of life. Others renew the look of the house because they are planning to sell their house soon, and renovating the house can prove to be effective in boosting the house value.In Australia, the rate of loans for renovation has been steadily rising. In 2014, homeowners spent an average of $47, 984 for home renovations. There are several reasons why homeowners would instead renovate than buy a new house, but one factor could be the high cost of a new house.

Kitchen Lighting and Fixtures

Kitchen Lighting and Fixtures

When renovating, it’s inevitable that you’re going to change the overall look of your home, mainly if you’re renewing to boost the house value. Most homeowners focus on specific rooms like the kitchen or master bathroom because these rooms are focal selling points in any home.

If your main concern is the kitchen, read below to get tips on the fixtures and lighting options that you can explore to add a fresh vibe to your kitchen. A renovation won’t be complete without the proper additions, so make sure to get the ones that will blend in perfectly with your newly-renovated kitchen.


You have the freedom of choosing the things that you want during a renovation. However, don’t go solely for its aesthetic appeal. Some faucets or sinks are functional, but they might not fit in with your kitchen. To be sure, consult expert home builders Melbourne has to know if your choice in fixtures is okay for your new kitchen.



Sink: Sinks are standard in all kitchens. If you’re in the mood for unique sinks, glass can be your thing. Sure, this might not be practical for your kitchen since you have heavy pots or pans, but some companies offer durable glass which can add a new look to your kitchen.

If not glass, then wood can also do wonders for your kitchen aesthetic. If you want this type, you have to make sure that the wood surface is carefully sealed to prevent water from damaging the wood. Remember, it’s a sink so you have to be extra careful with this one. Teak and bamboo sinks are available on the market.

If you’re a fan of granite, you can get this for your kitchen. Some of these sinks come with polished black granite and can give a natural look for your kitchen. You can also go with soapstone if you want a sleek and seamless look.

Faucet: Aside from the sink, you can also get new faucets for your kitchen. If you want cold and hot water, a single-handle faucet can help you. This type uses a lever which you can turn in separate directions to release the water temperature that you desire.

If you want flexibility, the commercial style has a flexible base, and you can even get multiple taps, depending on the design that you want. You can also get the pot filler which comes with a unique body that can swivel outward.

If you want a techy faucet for the kitchen, choose the motion-detector tap. You don’t need a switch or lever to turn it on. All you need to do is place your hand over the sensor, and this will activate the faucet.




Recessed lights are sleek and functional additions to your kitchen. You need to have enough space for this in your ceiling since you need to consider wirings and plumbings which can get in the way of your lights.

If you want to add a dramatic flair to your kitchen, you can add a chandelier. It will draw attention to your kitchen, and add a sophisticated ambiance at the same time. You can match it with your kitchen island so these two pieces can complement each other.


Doing a renovation is your chance to give your kitchen a fresh look. Whether you’re renovating to prepare your house for a sale, or you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen, you need to do it right. Consult with expert designers if you’re going to add unique designs which can change your kitchen for good.