Timber flooring, also known as wood flooring is a type of flooring made of wood or you can say hardwood. It is the most popular material used to construct floors. Nowadays timber is easy to afford, and its durability and beauty make it the first choice among all other materials. If you are planning to purchase the flooring material, then you should consider timber/wood as your first choice. You can hire a company to do flooring work for you as it’s better to leave everything to professionals. In this article, you will read about features of timber flooring and the types of it.

Features of Timber Flooring:

Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring

#1. Easy to clean:

Compared to other flooring material, it is very easy to clean. You can simply use a sweeper on this type of surface and all the dust will come out easily. You will not require the help of vacuum cleaner to clean the timber surface. This type of surface is suitable for people with allergies because timber does not catch dust and pet hair particles because of its softness. You can even clean the stains caused by wines and spits.

#2. Aesthetic look:

Timber flooring is something different from other types of flooring as it has the opposite effect because it gets more beautiful as time passes and that differentiates it from others. You will need to simply polish your timber floor from time to time and you are good to go. You can choose any type of shade and color that match your house wall.

Types of Timber flooring

There are so many types of timber flooring available in the market, but softwood and hardwood are recommended to use by every professional contractor. Here you can understand about different types of timber flooring.

#1. Hardwood:

Hardwood flooring is somewhat expensive than another type of wood flooring because it is very popular in its category. Oak, walnut, teak, and maple are some common examples of hardwood timber used by the professionals to construct a timber floor. These types of trees shed their leaves in the autumn season. These types of woods are made from slow-growing trees because professional want hardwood and heavy weights and this serve their purposes entirely. Because these trees need time to grow that is why they are in demand and they are expensive too.

#2. Softwood:

Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring

As compared to the hardwood timber, it grows faster and that is why it is cheaper and affordable option to people who are looking for timber flooring options. Softwood timber is made from evergreen trees and they do not shed their leaves. They are used to create cabins as well as furniture and they are less heavy compared to hardwood.

#3. Engineered woods:

Made with the strips of different kinds of wood glued, engineered woods can also give you a pleasant and aesthetic look compared to hardwood because of the veneer finish. They are cheaper than hardwood and affordable for you to buy. These are generally made of different types of ply and fiberboard to create the main board.

Hardwood, softwood and engineered woods are most commonly used woods when it comes to flooring and you can buy them as per your requirements. There are many considerations which need to be taken before finalizing the material like the budget, humidity, and temperature in the room. You should make the right choice according to your tastes and preferences.


Timber flooring is best when you do not want any stain, dust particles on your floor. Being easy to clean it is the most commonly used flooring in the market and you should buy the wood from a certified manufacturer and hire a professional timber flooring company for its installation.