Curb appeal is largely determined by the appearance of your home’s exterior. Sometimes a little TLC is all your home needs to look nicer. Many improvements can be accomplished at a reasonable cost, and most are within the skill range of the average homeowner. Let’s take a look at six affordable ways for creating greater curb appeal.

1. Accessorize the Front Porch

front porch

Front Porch

The porch of your home is an excellent opportunity to create warmth and eye-catching beauty on a budget. All it takes are a few accessories. You can use rocking chairs or a swing to create a nice sitting area, and an elegant light fixture can also be added.

An important key here is to choose outdoor furniture and fixtures that compliment your home’s style. Go with rustic designs for ranch-style homes, or more modern pieces for a contemporary dwelling. Your goal is to style a welcoming environment that evokes feelings of contentment and joy.

2. Add Some Custom Shutters

custom shutters

Custom Shutters

Windows are tricky when it comes to curb appeal. Windows, along with doors, automatically catch the eye. Adding custom exterior shutters to your windows is an affordable way to create elegance.

The great thing about composite PVC exterior shutters is that they are made from a material called Versatex. This material is reinforced with stainless steel, and it resists rot and warping. It is also very easy to install. You can choose to hinge the shutters or attach them directly to the house, and painting can be done to match the color of your home.

3. Keep the Yard Manicured

yard manicured

Yard Manicured

Good landscaping makes any home look nicer. This involves more physical work than expense. Mowing, trimming, and general clean-up will go a long way. It’s important to be consistent in your lawn maintenance efforts. Try to establish a regular schedule and stick to it.

If your lawn requires a massive reboot, consider involving family and friends that are willing to lend a hand. Fire up the grill and make a day out of it. You’ll get the dual satisfaction of spending time with your loved ones and making your yard look great.

4. Add Some Flower Boxes

flower boxes

Flower Boxes

Window flower boxes are one of the few things that can immediately transform the exterior of a home. In just a few hours you can turn drab and dreary to colorful and vibrant. There are many PVC window boxes to choose from, and the right ones won’t break the bank.

The advantage of PVC where material construction is concerned is durability. These styles of window boxes will last through many seasons and retain their great look. They generally come assembled and ready to install with a few basic tools. When choosing flowers, mix varieties to give your boxes awesome visual appeal.

5. Use Solar Lighting for Walkways

solar lighting

Solar Lighting

Affordable solar lighting can be an attractive way to accent walkways. This will also help direct attention to the entrance of your home. Most of these light fixtures are simply placed into the ground with an attached stake, and they require very little maintenance.

One mistake some homeowners make when it comes to walkway lighting is using too many fixtures. You don’t need a light every six inches. Allow about three feet between fixtures, and make sure that you maintain symmetry between the two sides of a path.

6. Use Outdoor Planters for Instant Landscaping

outdoor planters

Outdoor Planters

Most homeowners would love to have a yard full of flowers. The reality is that taking care of a garden requires a commitment of time that some homeowners can’t make. The solution is to use outdoor planters. There are self-watering planters available which are reasonably priced and made of durable materials.

A great thing about planters is their portability. You can place them anywhere, from patios to alongside driveways. Custom sizes and styles mean that you can choose exactly the right planter for your home.

These suggestions are valuable to anyone that wants to learn how to add curb appeal to their home. You will likely be surprised at how implementing a few of them can give your home a different feel. Those who see your improvements will probably think you embarked upon a major remodeling project, but we’ll keep your secret safe.