Is it just that time of the year when there is a chill in the air and you feel cold? Are these freezing nights making you sick and dull? Surely this is the time when everyone feels like doing nothing. They prefer to stay at home in their cozy blankets watching any scary movie with a heater On. I think spending time with family in these winter nights is the best thing that anyone can do.

Sometimes you need a little extra heat because all these cozy blankets and a cup of coffee are not enough to heat your room. Are you one of those who don’t want to use thermostat yet feel enough cold?

Let me explain to you an amazing and comfy product that will keep you snug and homey throughout the winters and you will always prefer it over anything. Let’s proceed with the topic.

Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket

What are Electric Blankets?

Electric blankets are one which keeps you cheerful every night by giving extra heat to you. Let me first explain to you a bit about the electric blankets that What are they and How they work.

An electric blanket is a blanket that consists of electric heating that provides heat to people. The heating component is attached to the fiber that heats the blanket whenever you plugged the wire.

As we know that there are a number of electric blankets available but all of them are not ideal for everyone. We must have to choose the suitable one for us. As few of them are cordless electric blankets while few comes with long wires. So, there are many things that we must consider before buying one.

Moreover, it has a temperature control unit, you may set the temperature according to your requirement or how much heat you want at the moment. It is completely safe to use this electric blanket that keeps you cozy and saves you from cold.

The cost of this blanket depends on the blanket that you purchase. However, it consumes less energy. It doesn’t cost you much while turning it on for a few hours is okay and enough to keeps you heated. Try not to use it all night unless it is entirely safe to use. The best thing is that these blankets last for long so you don’t need to buy them again and again.

Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket

Advantages of Electric Blanket

Now come the benefits and characteristics of an electric blanket that will encourage you to experience it once in life during winter. The advantages of electric blanket incorporate:

  • It is scientifically proved that an electric blanket keeps your mood fresh and cheerful. Furthermore, if you suffering from any pain or health issues then it keeps you healthy and fit. If you have ever used it then you might agree with me on this.
  • Many people use Gas central heater to keep their room cozy but, in the end, it cost them so much. Using an electric blanket to warm up yourself is always the best and least expensive idea. It doesn’t consume much energy and after purchasing it once you may get benefit from it for a long time.
  • Sometimes the person sleeping beside you need different heating temperature because of not feeling enough cold. Having your own blanket gives you a benefit in a way that you can set your own heating temperature. If you are feeling cold then you may increase the temperature while on feeling hot you may decrease it. Isn’t it best?
  • It gives you peaceful sleep all night. You can sleep quickly without getting awake in the middle of the night due to the perfect heat you keep on getting all night. Even if you off the switch still you will feel cozy all night.
  • It is one of the best products that you may use during winter nights without letting you dull and tiresome. You can fully enjoy these breezy nights with your loved ones.
  • You can wash these blankets at home anytime whenever you feel so according to the provided instructions. It will not get damaged.
Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket

How Do Electric Blanket Works?

Now let me explain to you a bit in detail that how these blankets work so that if you ever thought of purchasing it then this article will fully guide you in terms of its working. The electric blanket plugs into the divider and draws power from your circuits. Little, slim wires go through the texture, conveying heat that heats the cover and instantly moves to you.

Though it is an electric blanket yet you will not feel anything extraordinary after using it. There is a plastic temperature dial that helps you to set the temperature according to the requirement and weather. If you feel to wash this blanket then throw it in the washing machine after removing that dial from the blanket.

A wide range of blankets are available in the market and you may select any of them according to the weight, size, and color. To use it safely, always pay special consideration to the instructions given to you by the manufacturer. Moreover, if you see any black spot on the blanket don’t take it for granted.

6 Things to Know Before You Buy an Electric Blanket

Aren’t you motivated enough and you have finally decided to purchase this comfortable electric blanket for the winters? Now let me explain to you the most essential things that you should consider and should know before buying this blanket.

1- Consider the Fabric of Blanket

It is the foremost thing that you should know before purchasing an electric blanket. Usually, they are made of Polyester fiber and are very soft to touch. If you ever go shopping this blanket then makes sure about its fabric that either it is of polyester or not. Sometimes you may get ditched so you should be well aware of it.

There are usually made of various other fabrics too including cotton but it is always best to have Polyester fabric as it is very soft and easy to carry. It is the first thing that you should know if you ever plan to buy it.

2- The Plastic Temperature Option

Make sure to check that either the blanket that you have selected has this temperature facility or not. If no then never ever buy it. Every electric blanket comes with this temperature setting option through which you can set the temperature according to your needs and fall asleep peacefully.

If there is no option of it then you can’t slow or increase the temperature according to your need. Better to check it before selecting any blanket.

3- The Size of Blanket

The size is another essential thing that you should keep in mind before selecting an electric blanket. The size depends on the usage. You should know that how you going to use your blanket. Either it is for your bed or you just want to carry it while sitting on a couch. If the size is not correct then you may face the difficulty.

If the blanket is short then it can’t keep you cozy fully so better to examine first about the purpose of your blanket then make a final decision.

4- Safety

Safety should be your topmost priority. Though an electric blanket is completely safe to use unless you don’t follow the instructions. Sometimes the blankets are not made of high-quality fabric so it may cost you later. Always choose a blanket that is made of good and high-quality fiber so that it won’t harm you.

Sometimes the misuse of these blankets also can cause damage so never forget to read the instruction carefully that how to appropriately use them. It is one of the most essential factors that you should be aware of.

5- How to Wash It

Though it is not safe to wash such electric things yet many electric blankets are washable and people usually put them in the washing machine by removing the timer from them. It is not as simple to wash as you clean your clothes. Make sure to follow all the instructions before washing it so that it won’t get damaged. You should know how to wash your electric blanket before purchasing it.

6- You Should Know When to Replace It

Sometimes people keep on using the blanket even though it gets out of time. You should know when is the right time to replace your blanket and purchase a new one before its too late. You will know about it when it stops giving enough heat and you feel like not feeling cozy anymore. These are the signs that are the indicators to buy a new one.