Most of the hi-tech expensive TV sets you get in the market today are supposed to be mounted on the wall as it is convenient and saves space as well.  Moreover, it keeps the TV safe and secure as it protects your TV against bumping and tipping. Also small kids are less likely to reach or pull down your heavy TV if it is wall mounted properly.

It also serves as an effective theft impediment. TV wall mounts also help in freeing up space in your rooms and also give it a modern and uncluttered look. The TV cords and cables placed at the back of the wall reduce the slip hazard.

TV Wall Mount

TV wall mount

While considering buying a wall mount for your TV you need to consider various factors. More than thinking about the price, quality, and advantages of wall mounts you also need to pay close attention to the materials of the walls, the space in the room and others. Also, consider where you would like to sit and watch your favorite shows and TV series.

Mounting a TV isn’t a complicated task. By selecting the right type of wall mount you can get started on the right track. Let’s discuss what you should consider while searching for a perfect wall mount like the type of wall, dimensions of TV and various types of mounts available in the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a TV Wall Mount

Wall Type/ Material

Attaching a TV on the plasterboard or Gyprock wall material is relatively easy as wall-mount is delivered with all the necessary hardware to fix on such walls. However, in case of stone, timber or brick walls you are more likely to need additional hardware to fix the TV wall mount.

wall material

Size of TV

Select a TV bracket that is sufficiently large and strong enough to safely mount your TV. All TV wall mounts have guidelines regarding the weight limits, firstly verify if your TV does not surpass threshold on the brackets.

size of tv

Position of TV

TV wall mounts can provide highly efficient, extremely convenient TV viewing experience with the corner TV mount or full-motion TV mount.  The enhanced viewing angles can help you watch TV from any angle that is convenient for you.

You can choose from many options like mounting a TV on a straight wall, a corner or on the ceiling. Standard brackets, corner brackets or even brackets for mounting the TV on the ceiling is the best way. Hence first check how you wish to mount or position your TV before ordering the wall mount.

Watching a TV placed at about eye height is always comfortable, however, if you want your TV wall mounted higher purchasing a TV bracket that permits you to adjust the TV angle, which named as Full-motion TV wall mount, is a good idea. It can make your TV viewing experience more convenient and comfortable, although the TV is mounted high. Mounting Dream provides all styles of TV wall mounts, as well as offers step-by-step guidance to their customers.

position of tv

Hide Cables

Usually, TV is mounted close to a power source and TV point but there are cables still that need to be placed well for a neat look. You can buy TV wall mounts that offer additional covers to conceal the cables.

hide cables

Slim Wall Mount

Although the TV wall mount is fitted at the back of the TV, yet it often gets noticed from the sides. So, do consider this when buying your TV mount. Also, go for a slim wall mount as it will make the TV placed close to the wall giving it a sleek and elegant look.

After considering all these important factors you can make the best choice of TV wall mount for your home.