For many, the sight of a derelict house can be a polarising sight. Furthermore, how about the thought of actually taking on renovating or ‘fixing it up?’

While some people can find it a daunting prospect that can be cringe-worthy, while others can be excited and overjoyed, seeing it as a great chance at a challenge.

So when it comes to reinvigorating a house for sale or lease, what are the best techniques and strategies to use?

Well, here are some of the foundation steps to help you rejuvenate that house that you may want to buy, sell, invest in or lease.

Proper Wiring:


When it comes to doing a renovation, whether for yourself or to upsell, one of the important things that you should leave to the professionals is fitting in the electrical wiring for the house.

When looking for an electrician, you should make sure they’re reputable and All Electrics in Melbourne is a perfect choice.

So while you can save money by doing much of the fix-up yourself, it is wise to factor in some costs for certain tasks that really should be left to professionals.

Plumbing and Sewage:

Once again, this is one of the fundamental factors in any build, especially when rebuilding.

It is also another area in which you should utilise a proper plumber, as it can be a high-risk task.

These tasks should be among those that should be added into the contingency of your budget, as revealing old pipes and walls can bring up unexpected added costs to your renovation.


It is often one of the simplest touches that can really enhance an area and make it look fresh and vibrant without having much overhaul and effort.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to do this. The right colours and shades for each area of the house can help make the space more exuberant.

Painting does so much for both the curb appeal and the interior appeal of the home. According to Julie Blanner,“A current and cohesive paint palette brings the home into the present.”


While safely connecting the electricity supply is important, selecting some new and updated light fittings and acquiring some new lights can really increase the allure of your interior.

Updated lights can enhance every space and brighten up the room by bringing warmth into each area.

Modern lighting can also bring an older house more into the current era with a more current look, even if you’re working around heritage features.

Add charm to the outside:

Remember how I said an older house could be a polarising sight? When it comes to bringing an old house back to its former beauty, it is wise to know that a potential buyer or tenant’s first impression isn’t only at the front door.

While you can spark a great sense of interest by improving the look on the inside, there is no denying that curb appeal is a major attraction for a potential sale or lease.

Therefore, invest some time in improving the front yard and the front exterior of the house.

Whether it may be planting fruit trees for the garden, painting the front door or giving new life and a new story to the numbers on the side of the house. Because the outside deserves to be as inviting and as pleasant as any other area of the home.


Hence, I hoped I have helped you to realise the fundamental building blocks that should be considered when bringing a “fixer-upper” back to its former glory. I wish you all many happy renovations, my dear readers!