Blocked drains are considered one of the common issues for domestic properties, as they are the primary reason you might have to contact a plumber. There are drainage issues that are mainly caused due to blocked drains, whether your kitchen sink starts overflowing, your toilet fails to flush, or the drain in your shower is slower.

If no proper preventative measures are taken in the first place or handled instantly, these blocked drains will lead to expensive and costlier repairs.

blocked drains

Numerous homeowners are experiencing issues related to drain blockages, which become expensive and time-consuming if they are not fixed at the beginning. Therefore, to help you avoid the unpleasant issue of a blocked drain, the following are a few of the major causes of blocked drains that you should look out for.

  • Heavy rain and storms: The issues regarding blocked drains often occur after heavier storms or rains as they often block the drains by dirt, leaves, and other debris getting stuck in them. The clogged or blocked drainage system is also a common problem that numerous individuals face as they fail to manage larger volumes of water. Therefore, due to the issues of blocked drains the exterior end of the property could face various problems because of flooding.
  • Damages in the Pipes: The other primary cause for the blocked drains is the broken pipes. If the water is not going through the pipes smoothly, then there might be some issues with your water pipes internal infrastructure. The primary reasons for this involve poor pipe installation and the intrusion of tree roots during the excavation process. Tree roots lead to greater damage beneath the ground, and it becomes tough to locate the exact blockage point, which could get a lot expensive as the problem becomes keeps on growing with time.
  • Pipe Installation: Numerous issues are created with the rising trend of performing work independently. It is mainly due to the bad installation of inexperienced plumbing and drainage pipes. The improper installation of the pipes would often damage the pipelines. You should ensure that you are selecting top-quality pipes, avoiding regular plumbing issues. If you are installing the pipes inappropriately, it will damage the other regions of your property along with some costly repairs later on.
  • Leaves and Other Outdoor Debris: People often fail to understand that the blocked drains are mainly caused due to the leaves and the debris from the exterior end getting blown or washed right into the drain leading to the blockages. Sadly, the issue is specifically common during stormy weather, often worsened by the unruly and unkept garden landscapes.
  • Food Leftovers and Waste: If you do not have a garbage disposal, you should avoid forcing the food remnants or the leftovers down through the plughole. The leftover food is the real cause of the blocked drainage, and it is the issue that is fixed by scraping the excessive food remnants off the plate right into the compost bin or rubbish before washing. These smaller changes have a distinctive effect on the drainage system’s health to help encourage you to avoid washing the food down the drain.
  • Hair being washed down: Even if you have short hair, it will build up within the pipes over time, although this is commonly affected by those with longer hair. However, you can always use drain cleaners as they are mainly used for dissolving hair and might solve your whole problem out regarding blocked drains. Even the hydro jets and snakes operate effectively in case of blocked drains.
  • Issues with water flow: It is a real fact that drainage is related to gravity. If you are not experienced enough, you might make the inadequate falls that would develop a daily buildup of debris and dirt, obstructing your pipes. You should start installing the pipes better to avoid possible blocked drains.

Before any major issue arises, you can witness some warning signs, including the gurgling noises within the flush, bad smells from the drains and water left in the sink. A few get treated easily using a plunger; however, the main issue remains unsolved.


Whenever you search for the issues, you should always look for the signs that are mentioned in above article by remembering to conduct daily checks to avoid blocked drains and expensive repairs. Consequently, it is important to practice contacting the plumber daily as it would incur a few costs in the short term, saving you for the future.