Even though it might seem trivial to some, there’s nothing quite like beautiful curb appeal. While many of the tasks on this list can be completed within one weekend, they can make a difference in the way your home looks from the outside. Depending on the skill set you have, some of these projects are ones that you and your loved ones can tackle together. While other tasks will require professional work, consider some of the best ways to transform your curb appeal and make your home stand out.

home stand out

1. Paint the Front Door

A fresh coat of paint always revives a door. Even if you choose to paint the door the same color as before, that fresh coat makes it look brand-new. If your HOA allows you to be more liberal in your color choices, consider a paint color that’s unlike the others in your neighborhood. Drive through some neighborhoods in order to get some inspiration. As you drive, pay attention to the door colors that catch your eye the most. This will help you make the best decision in knowing what will turn heads.

2. Add a Storm Door

When you’ve invested time and energy into painting your front door, protect the door by covering it with a storm door. Thanks to the tempered glass, people can still enjoy the lovely color. However, the harsh elements of the outdoors can gradually take a toll on the paint.

3. Cultivate Beautiful Floral Arrangements

Visit your local home improvement store in order to purchase large planters. Large planters sit nicely on a front step or the front walkway of a home. With each season, replace the flowers. Seasonal flowers always make a home look well-kept and current. During the fall months, mums are really beautiful to display. In the spring and summer months, look for perennials that bloom beautifully. Plant a row of hydrangeas on your front lawn that’ll come up each season. If you know you won’t want to tend to them that often, plant low-maintenance options in order to still get a gorgeous bloom without much effort.

4. Renovate the Exterior

Especially when you’re living in a home that was built more than 30 years ago, chances are it’ll have an extremely dated look. Unless it was built with brick, styles change. Modernize the look of your home by investing in a professional home renovation. Even as you look around various parts of a city like Washington, DC, it’s clear that builders know how to preserve the historic characteristics of homes while they modernize them through renovations. By investing in home renovations in Washington DC, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of modern appeal mixed with old-school nostalgia.

5. Install Floor Lighting

Invest in solar-powered floor lights that you can place on both sides of a walkway. At night, they’ll light up the front lawn and create a visible path for your guests. Whether you choose in-ground lighting or not, arrange the lights in a way that can look organized, neat and aligned.

6. Consider the Walkway

In addition to installing floor lighting, consider changing the walkway. Once you’ve checked with your HOA, add your own special touches. A stone walkway provides texture and interest. Stone walkways will always provide an ornately regal touch. Have fun as you consider different textures for pavers such as rubber, clay, and brick.

7. Clean the Exterior

Sometimes, the best thing to do is clean the exterior of your home. If you haven’t gotten a power wash within the year, chances are you can stand to enjoy when. As the outdoor elements such as rain and snow hit the siding, it’s not uncommon for dirt, debris, and residue to build up. In addition to cleaning the areas such as the siding and the front door, remember to clean the areas such as the shutters and the gutters. By getting a good cleaning, your home’s exterior can easily look as though it received a fresh coat of paint.

8. Repave the Driveway

Because it’s not a project you need to do each year, it’s easy to forget about repaving the driveway of your home. By repaving the driveway, you’ll ensure that the color and look remain updated. If your driveway is paved with black asphalt and you’d like a new look, you can even consider changing the color to white or cream-colored asphalt for a look that’s different from the other homes in the neighborhood.

As you make the effort to upgrade your exterior, do these projects gradually. As you upgrade one area, you might decide that your home needs a different color paint that’s more neutral. When you’re able to make complementary choices in landscaping, colors and more, you’ll build a more cohesive look that stands out in an undeniably beautiful way.