In a small kitchen, storing everything you need and making it look organized is somehow challenging. However, the size doesn’t matter if you know some clever tricks to make the most of your kitchen space. From imaginative usages of space to smart storage options, know how you can make your compact kitchen organized and visually larger with these clever tricks.

Keep it Light and Bright

small kitchen


The right combination of colors is important when it comes to enhancing the look of your small kitchen. Dark colors indeed make the small kitchen feel tighter and confined but, when mixed well with lighter hue; they not only make the kitchen look larger but also creates a nice contrast for a better look. For example, here the yellow wall art and flower vase highlight the white dining table set; similarly, white walls and cabinets make orange wall sconces standout.

Install Drawer Divider

drawer divider


One of the easiest ways to increase storage is to add dividers in the drawers. It is a good trick for a small kitchen to hold all things from small to large in an effective way. Besides using it as an added storage space in the small kitchen, you can keep your things like bowls, plates, and utensils by size. That will eventually help you to find them easily every time you pull it open.

Hang Things on Wall



Generally, in every kitchen, whether it is small or large, the space above the stove or the bottom of the upper cabinet storage is left unused. Use that space by installing wall-mounted rails with hooks. You can hang any items that have a handle like a ladle, mugs or anything which you want close to hand while you are cooking.

Consider Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Glass-Fronted Cabinets


In a small kitchen, the best trick to create an illusion of larger space is to use light-reflective surfaces. Think of glass-fronted cabinets rather than a typical solid cabinet if you want your kitchen space to be larger and airier. It is a nice option for a small kitchen as it amplifies the effect of natural light around the kitchen.

Go for Pull-Out Preparation Station

Pull-Out Preparation Station


Free up your countertop space with a smart solution like a pull-out chopping station. If your kitchen is short on a workspace, simply swap the commonly fixed shelves with chopping-block top into a drawer. By doing this, you have a space for cutting your vegetables and fruits without using the countertop.

Minimalist Hardware

minimalist hardware


For a relatively small kitchen, it is okay if you do not attach handles and knobs on your cabinets and drawers. The reason behind this is that it can visually disrupt the surfaces. So if you have a sleek flat- panel cabinet, door, or drawers, avoid putting bulky handles on it. You may think that this little thing barely matters, but it will save precious inches and make space seem visually larger.

Organize Strategically



Keeping the things not lying around is by far the good trick to make the small kitchen appear less cramped and a little bit open. If you have too many small things and you don’t have a space to keep them out of view, then try to keep them organized by the tray. Use a tray to keep items that disrupt the work surface like a knife rack, candle holder, oil bottles, or plant. The better you organize extra stuff, the more open and larger your kitchen looks.

Set up Open Shelving

Open Shelving


If you do have enough space for storage below the countertop then add storage on shelves above the counter. Installation of an open floating shelf is well worth it in the small kitchen as you can show prettiest items on display. But make sure you install it to just one wall and whatever you put on it should be well organized as clutter tends to make the small kitchen feel even smaller.

Squeeze In Extra Storage

extra storage


Don’t let your space between the ceiling and cabinet remain empty. Instead, add baskets for stashing items you rarely use daily such as extra pantry items or seasonal decorative items. If you think that reaching there would be difficult then put a backless stool nearby for easy access.

Use the Right Flooring



The tricky pattern on the wall and floor can interfere with the eye and makes space feel smaller. On the other hand, some easy patterns have the opposite impact. A simple horizontal striped rug that draws the eyes from one side to the other creates an illusion of wider and larger space.

Invest in Portable Kitchen Cart

portable kitchen cart


Any piece of furniture that serves more than one purpose is ideal for a small kitchen. An island might be your first pick, but when space is less, buy a portable kitchen cart that opens from both sides. You can use it as an added place for corralling items you used most or as a trolley for serving drinks when guests arrive. In addition, it can easily tuck away outside when you need more space to cook.


Just because you don’t have more kitchen space, it does not mean that you have to feel cramped. The space limitation does not exist if you are smart with your space. Therefore, instead of concentrating on what you don’t have, do think about how you can use every square inch wisely. This article is all about how you can make use of every nook and some space-saving mechanism or furniture to make your small kitchen more organized.