German inspired handleless kitchens have been gaining popularity for a number of years, but 2021 looks set to be their time to shine. The handleless kitchen is a fantastic choice, its sleek uncluttered looks make it the perfect solution for open-plan living. The clean design inspires a calming ambience which perfectly complements 2021’s inclination towards more paired back and minimal interiors.

With a sophisticated and streamlined rail operating system, the handleless kitchen is beautifully ergonomic to use and offers remarkable storage capabilities. If you’re dreaming of creating a striking contemporary centrepiece to your home to start the new year in style, then make sure you consider our top tips for creating a gorgeous on-trend handleless kitchen.

handleless kitchen

A Soft Colour Palette

2020 was quite a year, it’s safe to say most of us experienced a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Wouldn’t it be nice if 2021 was just a bit less stressful? Creating a tranquil kitchen environment is a great place to start. Colour has a huge impact on our emotions and so opting for a calming neutral colour scheme will immediately set the tone of your space. Consider soft greige, dusky pinks and earthy olives. These stylish hues will bring a flawless finish to your on-trend handleless kitchen design.

Soft Colour Palette

Nature Inspired Interiors

This year we’ve all felt a desire to get a bit closer to nature and our interiors are certainly going to reflect this. Most high-quality handleless kitchen manufacturers offer a stunning variety of superb colours and finishes to choose from, and a contemporary wood effect surface design offers the potential to bring a wonderful natural feel to your space. Alternatively, introduce wooden accents to your kitchen with a floating timber breakfast bar, stylish Scandi bar stools or rustic accessories. Pair this with a calming natural colour scheme to complete the look.

Nature Inspired Interiors

Dark, Moody & Monochrome

If the charming and gentle allure of pastel hues and wood finishes isn’t for you, then consider making a real impact with a bold black colour scheme. Opt for a distinctive gloss finish to emphasise the clean lines and flawless aesthetic of the handleless kitchen style or create a raw and powerful look with a statement textural slate or oxide effect. Maintain a monochrome palette for a moody atmosphere or add a vivid splash of colour to generate energy and flair.


A Hub for Social Gatherings

We’re all looking forward to the day we can finally invite our friends into our homes and when we do, we’ll certainly want to spoil them! Kitchen islands have been incredibly popular for years, but the latest iteration of this is the dining island. Similar to a traditional table, the dining island extends from your kitchen island to create a wonderful seating area that feels much more permanent and comfortable than a conventional breakfast bar. A dining island provides the perfect spot for treating your guests to a delicious home cooked meal. This showstopping centrepiece makes a particularly impressive feature in a modern handleless kitchen.

Concealed Appliances

Open-plan and broken-plan living is continuing to grow in popularity, and designers have thus discovered new approaches to dealing with this demand. From full height ‘banks’ of units that reach from wall to wall, to innovative pocket door systems, the handleless kitchen offers incredible opportunity to create a stunningly seamless interior. The concealed kitchen means you can hide unsightly appliances like toasters, kettles or microwaves out of view so you can embrace your beautiful space as a living area whilst experiencing all the functionality (and more) of a traditional kitchen when you need to.

Concealed Appliances

The Revolutionary Boiling Water Tap

The original boiling water tap came on the market in the UK in 2004, but it was sometime before this new piece of technology really found its feet. This year many homeowners have discovered the incredible advantages of the boiling water tap and next year absolutely everyone will want one. The boiling water tap is sure to be an indispensable addition to your home and no contemporary kitchen will be complete without one.

Our tips for creating a stunning handleless interior are inspired by the latest trends predicted to grace the kitchen design world in 2021. While handleless kitchens are undeniably the hottest choice in home design right now, we focus on designing luxury kitchens in Leeds and are confident that the exquisite minimal look and extraordinary practicality in handleless kitchens stand them in good stead to last for years to come. If you’d like to know more about the amazing potential handleless kitchens have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local independent kitchen retailer.