Bypassing time, many problems may arise in your sofa. Even a high-quality sofa also has problems over time. Such as the springs of your sofa can last about 15 years without losing its much firmness. The foam sofa with high-density foam can also last long about 5 to 10 years without too soften and losing its firmness. After that you may face problems by your sofa in the shape of the sagging of the sofa repair, bottoming out of the sofa. But you want to buy a new sofa maybe you also facing some financial problems, or you have many memories of your sofa. So you do not need to worry about that because you can repair your sofa.

Sofa Repair

Sagging is the most common issue today Sofa Repair Dubai. It may be due to the springs, worn-out cushions, or foam or fabric of your sofa. But do not worry about that you can repair your sofa.

If this happens due to the springs of sofas then you have to tighten the loose springs of your sofa. To tighten the sofas of springs first of all remove the cushion of your sofa and then by using a staple puller pulls the staple of your couch to expose the light fiber. Then peel of the fiber to expose the batting of your sofa repair in Dubai. By using a staple puller pull all the staples to expose the springs. Then look for the loose springs and stretch all the loose springs. These springs are attached to your sofa with the help of clips. These clips must be present at both ends of your sofa springs. Look for the springs without a clip at any end. Remove the clip from one end of the spring and stretch it to normal height. Repeat the same procedure to tight all loose springs.  After stretching the spring fit the clip and then penetrate the clip on the sofa cushion. Use 3 to 8 inches staples to fit the batting on your sofa cushion and then use 1 to 4 inches staple to attach the light fiber on the batting. Place the cushion back on your sofa.

Sagging may also due to the bad frame of your sofa. Therefore, you first have to find the reason for sagging. Remove all the cushions of your sofa and look out the part of the frame which is damaged. Change the part of the frame and clear all the problems with your frame first.

The foam of your Sofa Repair can last about 5 to 7 years but after that, your sofa cushion loses its firmness and become very soft and start crater after sitting. This problem may arise early due to bad quality and low density of your foam. But you do not need to throw out your entire sofa. You can repair it. By replacing old foam with new foam you can get rid of this problem. While purchasing foam some things must keep in mind such as the density of the foam. The average density of the foam is 1.8. It is also an industry standard. You must purchase foam of a density of more than 1.8. It can last long for about 5 years.