For many homeowners, it can always seem like there’s never enough kitchen storage to go around. And making matters worse is the clutter that builds up a little at a time. All those cabinets overflowing with excess Tupperware and expired dried goods increase our stress levels and even contribute to unhealthy eating habits as a result.

Learning how to organize a kitchen is one of the best things you can do to cut down on that daily stress. Here are a few easy tips to help organize your space and create a kitchen environment you’ll want to use.


1. First Things First, Deal With the Cabinets

Before we think about something drastic like how to design a kitchen from the ground up, it’s a good idea to take a look at the storage space we already have. And figuring out how to organize kitchen cabinets is the first step.

Before anything else, empty all of your cabinets and cupboards. Going through your dry and canned goods and throwing out anything older than six months will help you clear up a lot of space right off the bat.

After that, taking a ruthless stock of your kitchen goods is a must. Like with the food items, if you haven’t used that mug or kitchen gadget in the last six months, do you need to hold onto it? Sentimental items like holiday plates or heirloom pieces may be exceptions, but finding another place to keep them like a garage or an attic will free up space for things you use regularly.

And while you’re at it, take this opportunity to deep clean your cabinets.

2. Come Up With a Plan

Getting rid of as much kitchen clutter as possible can save you a lot of space. But even so, you could suffer from a lot of wasted real estate without the proper organizational tools.

First, make a plan for what items get stored in which places. A good rule of thumb is to organize your items so that the things you use most often are in the most convenient place to access.

Using organizational tools like plate organizers, utensil bins, and wire racks will let you further maximize your space to make sure everything winds up in a suitable home.

3. Consider Renovations

It’s unfortunate, but kitchen layouts in many homes were not designed with modern appliances or amenities in mind. A designer in the 1970s would have had no way of knowing how big modern refrigerators and stoves would tend to get.

This can lead to areas of the kitchen becoming a bit squished as features are forced to fit into spaces they were never intended for. So to maximize your kitchen space, you may need to think about making some renovations.

It can be daunting to consider any major home renovation, but it can often be necessary for problem areas like kitchens and bathrooms. And fortunately, modern design and renovation firms can streamline the process. For some examples, view more on how a modern company can make home renovations as simple as possible.

Learning How to Organize a Kitchen to Maximize Your Space

Too often we find ourselves resorting to take-out just so we don’t have to use our own kitchens. Decluttering your kitchen to create a space you enjoy using can help entice you to spend more evenings in the home, saving money over time.

Once you learn how to organize a kitchen, you can look to decluttering other areas of your home. To learn how to make every room a tidy and stress-free environment, be sure to keep up with our latest home organization tips.