Not everyone is rich enough to live in mansions with a big and spacy room, that has a lot of storage space and you can literally fit in there anything you want. But for those people, who don’t live in big mansions or houses then you probably know for us, storage is a hassle. It is, you have to keep everything organized in a manner that everything looks clean and tidy.
Living Room

Living Room

The Basic Argument:

Some of us might even argue about throwing stuff away that is taking useless place, a term we call Decluttering. There are people in every house that wants to keep everything but doesn’t want to throw stuff that is causing them not to organize things properly. They are in a constant argument that even if we have little space we can still make space up for things and can organize them in such a fashion that it won’t look bad anymore. In simple words, decluttering is not needed.

Is Organizing the Solution or Decluttering?

Everyone might agree to the fact that you want to declutter just because, so you can have extra space doesn’t sound right. And organizing is really possible, I mean why anyone would want to throw away anything if they can organize things the right way.

For a moment, let’s assume you are able to organize everything you want. Everything is in its place, everything looks great and moreover, you are happy with yourself and all that organizing makes you feel that your house isn’t that tiny after all. If you are living alone then we can happily recommend that organizing is the key solution to teeny tiny space.

But what if you are not alone? You have this experience and probably know that no matter how many times you kept the bowl back to the kitchen after eating, there is someone if your house that will leave it in your room. We all can agree to one fact that organizing really does sound great, but it is very short lived for other people in your house won’t let it stay organized.

It’s really hard to see your hours of hard work being slowly wasted and crumbled away. Just because there was someone who couldn’t keep things organized for which you worked for hours. Funny thing is sometimes it is not even slow, I mean if you have kids in your house then you probably know how fast things going to get destroyed.  The drag with organizing is this that you need to keep it up.



Decluttering, on the other hand, is totally a different story, for example, let’s say, you have this specific thing in your house which you know if kept unorganized will cause your house to look messy and all. But what if it wasn’t there in the first place? I assure you got my point.

Just because not everyone stays in our lives forever. And same we should apply to things. Just like removing some people allow you to breathe happily and all, removing few things in the name of having extra space and that the house will look neat also has its own reward. I mean just because you don’t want to remove something from your house you will have to keep organizing it daily and daily which will cause you to become frustrated, angry which means your inner peace is getting destroyed. Who wants to live with that? None right so it’s better if you just remove some things from your house that can really make your house a great place for living and organize the things which you know can’t be removed.

After all, you need space in your house to breathe, and with all that junk lying around making your frustrated and all isn’t going to work. Also, one might think that they will miss the stuff when it’s not around anymore but believe me according to a survey people who decided to go with decluttering never regretted the choice they made for they are living a happier life now.

Great Things about Decluttering:

Decluttering has one of the most positive effects on life. There is this one thing that you will experience after you have gone through decluttering i.e. you never needed all these things you kept in your house for years. You might not feel it now but believe me once you have gone through it you will happily believe and even recommend it to others.

You realize that you are happier owning fewer things because that sight of extra space, comfort, and a fresh breeze are more rewarding than having a lot of space in your house. So we will gladly recommend decluttering to everyone as we can’t deny it benefits and the positive effects that it can have on your life.


Alexa Bernardo is a home décor and home design expert. She knowns how things are done and that is evident from how she handles things, from your living room decoration to slab cabinet doors, she cares about everything. This is the very same reason she is so famous for her work, because she doesn’t even leave out the tiny details.