Many homes have at least some clutter even it if tends to be well hidden. There may be more items in the home than storage will allow or there may be a lot of items that don’t get put away when they’re done being used, which leads to a lot of clutter throughout the home. What might be surprising to many people, however, is that the clutter may be having an impact on their happiness.

Check out the following reasons why decluttering can help make you happier today to see how big of an impact it might have.



Can Help Reduce Stress

Clutter can cause stress. When there’s not enough room to put everything where it belongs or the home is disorganized, those living in the home may feel far more stressed. However, decluttering your home can significantly reduce stress levels. Instead of being stressed about everything that needs to be done at home after work, the home is easier to take care of so it feels more relaxing after a long day at the office. When the stress of a cluttered home is gone, the person is going to end up feeling much happier overall.

Can Make it Easier to Focus

When there are lots of items in the home that aren’t put away or don’t have anywhere to go, it can be difficult to focus. Studies have shown that the brain can’t effectively process everything when there are too many distractions, so the clutter in the home can easily lead to a lack of focus. Those who have trouble focusing at home may find they don’t feel happy as often because they can’t get as much done. Decluttering can make it easier to focus, which leads to a happier homeowner.

Can Help With Sleep

Most people who don’t get enough sleep don’t feel as happy as they would like. Sleep has a huge impact on just about every other aspect of the day, and clutter can have a big impact on sleep quality. When someone has a lot of clutter in their home, the added stress from it can mean it’s harder for them to fall asleep at night or they have trouble sleeping through the night. Decluttering can enable them to get much better sleep every night, leading to them feeling well-rested the next morning.

Can Lead to Eating Better

Clutter throughout the house, as mentioned, has an impact on stress levels. Those who tend to be stressed more often will have trouble eating healthy foods frequently and being as healthy as possible. A link has been discovered between those who have tons of clutter in their home and those who tend to eat unhealthy foods more often. Decluttering, especially in the kitchen, can help change this and ensure the person starts to eat healthier foods more often. This can then have an impact on their emotional wellbeing, as those who are healthier tend to feel happier.

Is clutter causing you to feel unhappy more often? Clutter can impact almost every aspect of your life, from how stressed you are to how much sleep you get or how well you eat. The above are just a few ways clutter impacts your wellbeing and can minimize your happiness. Start decluttering your home today to enjoy all of the benefits of a clean, clutter-free home and feel happier.