It is understandable if you are not quite happy with the current condition of your kitchen. Some things may not be working anymore, or you need an upgrade, or you simply just got inspired to make a change. Whatever be the case, you can remodel your kitchen and still not worry about incurring any big costs. All you need are some great ideas and the will to make that change.

You can add textures, fixtures, and functions to your kitchen space with a mix of affordable modern and traditional upgrades. And, you will finally have the look you want. If it sounds a bit challenging, don’t worry. It really isn’t.

kitchen remodelling

Here’s a look at these simple tips that can help your small kitchen transform into your ideal space:

1. Start De-cluttering

The first thing that you want when you remodel is to create more space. When you focus on the essential appliance and the needed workspaces, you will find it easier to come up with innovative ideas and implement them. So, start de-cluttering and keep it simple and organized while you are at it.

Try to keep frequently used items within your reach. While being organized is important, you can’t ignore functionality. For instance, some things may look good and organized on a top shelf. But, you need it on a lower shelf if you use it more often. Also, if you have young children at home, you should consider installing lower shelves at a height that they can’t reach.

kitchen De-cluttering


When de-cluttering, you can downsize your kitchen and opt for innovative appliances. If you minimize congestion in your small kitchen, you can create a look that offers more space and a sense of order.

2. Use Open or Flexible Storage

Get rid of closed overhead cabinets when you are working in a small kitchen. You may not even reach for what’s in the cabinets. It is better to replace those with open storage solutions like pot racks, shelving, magnetic spice, and knives holders. Open shelves are not only affordable but they also give an illusion of more space, open up your walls, and make the kitchen look airier.

3. Choose a Crisp Color Scheme

When remodeling your small kitchen, try using neutral color schemes. You can pick any of the light colors as they make your space appear larger and more welcoming. Also, you can paint the cabinets the color that matches the walls to make your kitchen feel light and airy.

4. Go with Galley Kitchen Design

A galley design was typically used for compact cooking zones such as on boats. If your house has a small kitchen, this design may just work for you. Unlike a one-wall kitchen, a galley kitchen design consists of two walls lining a narrow walkway that flows into a separate room on both sides. You can also have dead ends or make a door that leads to your pantry.

In simple terms, a galley design has two opposite countertops with a way through. You can place the stove, dishwasher, and sink on one counter and use the other for smaller counters and cabinets.

5. Use the Right Lights in the Kitchen

You can’t overlook the importance of good lighting. It is possible to brighten up your small kitchen with bright under-cabinet lighting.

kitchen lights


Each under-cabinet light has unique characteristics and directional light output:

  • Under-cabinet puck lights: They should be placed according to the beam spread and mounted in the center of the upper cabinet.
  • Under-cabinet strip lights: They should be kept closer to the front edge of the upper cabinet.
  • Under-cabinet stick lights: They should run lengthwise and be placed close to the front edge of the cabinet.

6. Pick Large and Bold Floor Tiles

Smaller pieces of tiles don’t work great if you have a small kitchen. Their large number of grout lines will make your space look busy and somehow cramped. It is better to replace them with large floor tiles. Their widely spaced grout lines will give an illusion of a spacious floor.

You can also choose wood-effect porcelain for flooring. They are becoming popular for smaller kitchens because of their long and narrow format. If you pick a complementary grout color, you can make the grout even less visible, which will create a sense of more space.

If you are thinking of remodeling your small kitchen, it doesn’t have to be sophisticated and expensive. You can use these simple tips and combine them with a mix of material and innovative designs to achieve the perfect look for your kitchen even on a limited budget.