When a family is ready to remodel the kitchen or bathroom, the time of year they start the work can make a difference in the cost and convenience of the project. Remodeling during high-demand times can add time and cost to a remodeling project. Fall might be the best time to renovate because contractors will not be as busy. The peak season for remodeling is May through July. But, if a little weather inconvenience is acceptable, winter is a good time to remodel.


First, Get A Good Remodeling firm Lined Up

After a homeowner decides to begin their remodeling project and has the funds available, they should shop for local remodeling contractors to work with. The most popular projects are remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. In California, one contractor to consider is Sonoma Mountain Construction. A homeowner should look for remodeling contractors who are familiar with the weather and site conditions in California. A local contractor can help with design and construction considerations based on what is popular in the area.

They can also help the homeowner decide when to schedule the remodeling project to save money and get the best results. It is a good idea to get quotes from at least three contractors and compare not only the price but also the proposed work and materials.

The Best Time Of Year For Remodeling

The best time to remodel depends on a number of factors, including how badly the space needs remodeling and what is going on with the homeowner’s schedule. Many homeowners have a limited window of time the remodeling project will be possible. Some projects are better done at certain times of the year while others can be done any time of year.

Here are some options based on the seasons.

  • The best spring remodeling projects include building patios and decks, replacing windows and doors, adding insulation, and cleaning and repairing home elements both inside and outside. Start the planning in the winter so the project can be scheduled in the spring.
  • Remodeling in the summer is the most popular time for homeowners, but that means busy contractors. The long, sunny days are ideal for contractors, but materials cost more. Some projects work well in the summer, including furnace and AC repairs or replacements. Fixing and updating fireplaces are also good summer projects. Families who want to go on vacation during the remodel often must choose the summer months.
  • Fall is a good time for remodeling because of the cool temperatures and dryer air. Projects that are good for fall include landscaping, replacing appliances, and finishing basements or attics. Exterior painting is another good fall project. New floor installation and roof repairs and replacements are good for fall projects.
  • Winter remodeling is limited because of ice and snow and cold temperatures. So, indoor remodels can be scheduled for the winter. Some projects that can be completed in the winter are planning decks and outdoor services for spring construction, doing foundations and additions, remodeling indoor rooms, and indoor painting and remodeling.

Each season has advantages and projects that work best during that time. But, the summer months will be more expensive, and it will be harder to find available contractors. Winter remodeling may save a family money because contractors are less busy.

Many experts suggest trying for a fall renovation because contractors are not at their busiest and are more likely to be available. The planning can take place during the spring and summer to be ready for a fall start.